Our First Dance

Hello all

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, which I really don’t like. I had dodged a cold for quite awhile with the run up to the wedding and although it tried to gain a foothold whilst we were on honeymoon I stood strong and more or less avoided it but Wednesday at 5.00, and it happened so fast that I really do know the time, I went down with a case of what I would describe as ‘man flu’ if I was prone to exaggeration, but for one who normally plays down any illness or injury this one hit me for six. Every joint in my body hurt and my head was so full that I could only sit with it on the table and tissues stuck up my nose (not a pretty sight so be glad you weren’t here).
Thankfully I married a wonderful man who stepped up and took over feeding everyone, nursing me and bring much needed teas and lemsips in bed.  Today (Friday) my head is starting to feel a little better and I can move without pain, so as I still need to recoup a little I shall play on the computer for awhile, which so far this morning as meant ordering care labels for a new product line I’m working on. Getting excited about that so I must be feeling better. And changing my name on Facebook, that was a little strange I think this name change make take a little while to sink in, is that normal?

I do need to get better for tomorrow as it’s a really big weekend in the swing dance scene here in Birmingham as we have the Birmingham Swing Festival on with Bobby White and Kate Hedin coming over to teach from America, Saturday being Balboa and Sunday Lindy Hop. This is very exciting stuff and if needs be I will be packed up to the eyeballs with lemsip. We are doing the Saturday only as Dr J. doesn’t like lindy hop, but I’m not moaning as to find a man who likes to dance at all is just great and we dance balbo, jive, and east coast swing very happily so there’s plenty to keep us busy (although fox trot and polka are kinda calling me). The sensible part of me does say not doing the whole weekend will be better too, but I’ve never really paid attention to that bit.

Anyway the reason for this post, rather just me describing my illness was to put up a video of our ‘first dance’ which was a mixture of balbo and other stuff for some people who have expressed an interest. Hope the rest of you enjoy it too. The video was taken by my daughter on her phone so you get what you get, but I think she did a good job, and I can’t watch it without feeling all mushy inside.

You also get a good look at my bustle, and not a bad view of all my outfit, which I will write some posts about how I modified various patterns and ideas to create.

Well that all for now, till next week.
Hugs and Kisses


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