Back to reality

Afternoon all my Internet Lovelies
Did you miss me? 
Feels like quite awhile since I sat down to write without every thought being wedding related.
Well now it’s all done and dusted, and we are back from our honeymoon, to a pile of washing, (you wouldn’t believe how much.. the machine hasn’t stopped all day. As well as the stuff we wore on holiday there is all my kids washing (although I’m sure my darling daughter claimed to have done some) plus all the stuff that had piled up pre-wedding as I hadn’t had time to do any then). Oh well, at least we have the joys of washing machines and are not handwashing. My mother tells a horrid story of when she was first married doing the washing and getting her hand stuck in the mangle, which squashed her wedding ring and she had to get it cut off her finger which was all swollen and black. Nice start to wedding bliss.
So today has been about starting to get the house back in order, you know vacuuming, dusting, washing, but my  mind is starting to twitch with a new project, and as I do the housework, plans are rumbling around up there and ideas forming. But all will be revealed in due course with that. Just enough to say I’m feeling a little excited about it.
But for today, I just wanted to touch back with the internet world and say Hi. Now the wedding is over I have lots of  ‘doing’  posts for you that show how I made lots of the items we used and of course my dress and I shall get organised (ie write the text) and post them up over the next few weeks. As well as telling you all about the new idea, when it has formed more fully.  So lots to come and hopefully keep you interested…..
Oh and our honeymoon was lovely, all that we had hoped, we relaxed loads, we walked up and down hills, through forests and woods, and along beaches, there were fossils, there was mud, there were cows (ok that bit I could have done without, it was quite scary). Jessie the dog loved it. (Except when she discovers electric fences, thankfully she wasn’t hurt just shocked) She was welcomed in all the shops, pubs and even a really nice little bistro we went to as a real treat on the last night.  It is the first time I had been to Yorkshire and we stayed in a tiny village called Staithes. I shall definitely go back. 
Even the haberdashery up there is better than here in Birmingham. I found a great old satchel in a vintage shop ‘Dotty about Vintage’, (link to their facebook page), at really good price but in need of repair, the thread that it was sewn up with was rotten and just falling apart, but the leather was still really sound. The lovely lady in shop search her supplies for some strong thread for me, even popping home (just round the corner) but couldn’t find anything, I thought it was so nice that she looked though, just like everybody up there.
 Later that afternoon we were sightseeing in a place called Guisborough, some lovely ruins, when we came upon a shop/workshop/cafe called Lucy Winkles who welcomed us and dog inside, had the tastiest tomato and basil soup that I’ve ever had and loose leaf tea in a teapot and even dog biscuits for Jessie and gave very exact instruction on how to get to two shops in the centre where I would be able to get the strong thread I needed. and hence I discovered how good haberdashery in Yorkshire is still. I wish I lived closer or Birmingham was better. If anybody is ever up that way, even you lot over the water (maybe one day who knows), I strongly recommend a visit, to either or even better both places.
I didn’t practice very much paining as I discovered you need watercolour paper for watercolour paints, but I managed a little sketching, and although I can’t say it has improved any, I enjoyed it. And for the start of November the weather was warm enough to sit outside, without too much rain, we were very lucky.
 So more soon as the washing machine has just finished now and I need to get the next load on.
Hugs and Kisses

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