Want to be a lost boy? walk through a wardrobe? or best yet fall down a rabbit hole?

The art dolls I create are little expressions of the lost childhood and adventure we, adults, can no longer grasp, distant memories, the chill of a moonlight escape, the scraped knee, a stolen apple from next door’s orchard. Things we never actually did as children, but we read and dreamt and longed. Now that longing is even more distant, and my dolls might just remind you of a special moment, real or not, it isn’t important, what is, is the feeling! And keeping that feeling alive as long as we can. Let’s not ‘adult’ just for today and come join me in Neverland…..

Art Dolls winner of Doll Prague 2022

Winner of 2 awards at Doll Prague 2022

porcelain art doll

Dolls full of wit and whimsy. Enchanting handmade art dolls made for adult collectors, sometimes sweet and sometimes not so.

Welcome to the fantasy world that I bring to life with my dolls and creations. These dolls are made for art collectors who are looking for the unusual, things that are unique. Each doll is a one off. To own one of my dolls is to feel a sense of charm, with your own little piece of wonderland. You will feel like your own enchanted character has come to live with you. And be filled with awe each time you look at them. They will bring a smile each time you pass by and reach out and re-arrange a hand or skirt. Are you ready to join me and pass through the eye needle in Prior Woods….

Prior Woods – Learn a little more about where my imagination wanders ..
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    Folktale week is a challenge over on Instagram where we are given 7 prompts and can post a picture, a video, or a reel, whatever we want that the prompt inspired. This was my second year doing it and I had a great time, and learnt a few more stop motion skills into the bargain.……

  • Halloween Pumpkin Giveaway

    Hello lovelies I have some exciting news for you today, I have decided to do a bit of a giveaway! Yes, that’s right; because I love the spooky season so much, I want to share the joy and what better way than to include a squishy, smoochy cloth pumpkin with every doll I sell. With……

  • The House of Smalls

    STOP PRESS Wonderful news the exhibition has been extended for 1 more week. So now the end date is 5th August 2023 and there will be a “Meet the Artist” during the afternoon. I am really looking forward to meet some of the other artist and would love to meet you to if you can……