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Thank you for being interested in my dolls.

How big are your dolls?

I tend to make dolls smaller rather than larger with the average being about 12 inches or 30 cm.

What are the differences between types of dolls?

please check out this blog post, it gives a very brief overview of what constitutes a doll… https://www.alisonjacksonartdolls.co.uk/what-is-a-doll/

The first dolls I started making when I decided to become a professional doll maker, where button-jointed, cloth dolls about 35 cm high, and as I already had a business making hats called Honey Pot Creations, I decided that the dolls could be called Bees Knees Art Dolls as they where rather cute and  it kinda fitted in with the theme.

Well, as my dolls became more popular, I slowed and eventually stopped making hats all together. I also started to make different styles of dolls and refer to them Honey Pot Dolls and the smaller ones as mini-Bees. And although I closed the BeesKneesArtDolls.co.uk website to try and bring everything under one big umberella, you can find references to Bees Knees and mini-Bees still on the internet, and within this website. Some things like tumbler I can’t work out how to change, but that’s ok. I intend to keep making lots of different styles of dolls as I enjoy it and if you would like to know more about a particular doll please do ask either on social media or using the contact form below.

Can I wash my doll?

UPDATE: As I am no longer making children’s dolls, this only applies if you managed to buy one when they where available. Art dolls are not washable.

Well that really depends on what sort of doll it is? If is it one of my children’s doll that have been CE tested, then yes. But NO if it is an art doll.

Art dolls have their features painted and although a fixing agent is used, their features will fade or smudge with washing.

Do you make custom dolls?

quick answer, yes, but not very often. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss a custom doll.

What are your dolls stuffed with?

sugar and spice and all things nice, no not really. Fabric dolls will either be high grade poly fill, or 100% British wool batting. To see which a particular doll is stuffed with check out their listing or ask, details can be found on the doll’s listing in the Shop. Wooden dolls are usually solid so wood and porcelain often hollow so air.

What is CE testing?

UPDATE: I no longer make dolls for children. I am leaving this here though as it is still very good information. Please be advised, if you intend to buy dolls for your little one, buy from someone who tests their quality and suitability.

Why thanks for asking, this is a very good and important question. In Europe the toy industry is regulated and all soft toys need to be suitable from birth and meet very high standards of safety and quality. All my CE tested toys undergo very thorough testing and you can find more information on these blog posts:

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