Honey Pot Dolls

When Alison Jackson first started making dolls she was using the name Honey Pot Creations as an umbrella name for all her creative makes. At that time she was busy making hats and costumes and the like. To keep in with the Honey Pot theme she names her dolls Honey Pot Dolls. You may find the label still cropping up on dolls from time to time.

Honey Pot Dolls Logo

Before long the dolls became more important to her and the other items dropped off. Until now when she only makes dolls.(Except for the odd important commission, like making a hat for a client to wear to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. That’s not something you turn down.)

When only making cloth dolls she made two types:-

bees knees art doll

Bees Knees Art Dolls

35cm button jointed cloth dolls

super cute cloth dolls


smaller dolls with big eyes

Then she started to grow and develop further artist styles. She experimented using other media for dolls and mixed media art, including wood, felted and various types of clay. Sometimes she called these dolls Bees Knees, sometimes mini-Bees and sometimes just Honey Pot Dolls.

Honey Pot Dolls Bee

One of the overriding design features in her branding then though was the Bee, so if you see something with this little bee on it, chances are it was made by Alison Jackson.

After awhile though, Alison decided that this was all a bit complicated. Equally she wanted to be known by her own name. In 2019 she re branded herself and her dolls Alison Jackson Art Dolls. A move that she felt expressed her desire to make more serious dolls for art collectors. If you are looking for the Honey Pot Dolls website now, you will be re-directed to this one and can rest assured that you are in the right place.

Alison Jackson Art Dolls
Honey Pot Dolls Bee

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