The Alice Art Doll Collection

Are you like me?

Does the thought of exploring Wonderland fill you with excitement? If a mirror shimmered and glowed, would you put your hand through it? And then your whole body? I would. I have spent my life dreaming of such places and possibilities. It is one of the reasons that I make art dolls. Inside my mind there are the characters from the Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, just waiting for me to bring them out. They are waiting to come through into this world, and be added to my Alice Art Doll collection.

These pictures show my Alice and her friends dolls. Most of these dolls have now been sold and I apologise for the poor quality of photos of the older dolls. I had no camera skills and a rather cheap camera on my phone then. Despite that though, I wanted to capture them before they went off to their new homes to show them in this gallery. I hope you nonetheless enjoy them. It also shows the improvement in my camera work. Although I still have a long way to go.


As with all my art dolls, the earlier ones are all cloth. Then, as my interest in clays developed, subsequently they become more mixed media. Needle felting is a good way of making a caterpillar, something that might be quite tricky with cloth.

Queuing to get out!

I always have an Alice or one of her friends in the queue in my mind. Sometimes they call with impatience, eager or stamping their feet to get out. Whereas others are nothing more than a whisper, a quiet thought, not perceivable for a long time until I can grasp them and bring them into the light. These are the ones I like to make best. 

Please take a moment to dwell among them and indulge your and their fancy.……..

Witches and eyeballs

Things I have been up to. Well I made those frilly knickers. And while I was at it, I finished one of the little ladies off as a witch, but one with a difference. She has cat's eyes. What do you think? I really like the way they turned out, along with her lovely lilac...

Cloth dolls and Wee Willie Winkie

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? Well, I hope. This week I have returned my thoughts to cloth dolls although probably only briefly. A prompt from a Facebook follower; 'thank you' Rachel; has reminded me of an old doll that needs re-visiting. And I feel a new...

NIADA 2020 Conference

It’s a funny old world isn’t? Ever since I heard of NIDIA I have wanted to go to one of their conferences, but living the other side of the pond, it was not to be. I did meet some of the lovely members and organisers at Doll Prague last year. Actually going to the...

July already

Good Morning all, how have you been this week? We are easing out of lockdown a little more now here in England and have found out this week that we are able to go on our holiday still. Myself, hubby and the dog are very excited about this. And I made a new sun-hat and...

Apologies and the 3 of hearts

Hello all, This blog starts with an admission and an apology to anyone waiting for the next in my BJD series of blog post. I haven’t got any further! I thought it best to just straight up own up! Sorry. Time has gotten away with me lately. I have never been very good...