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Honey Travels – Off the beaten track.

 Hello to all you lovelies out there.

I said that I would start to write a little bit more of our travels in our camper, Dr. J. (darling hubby), Jessie (mad dog) and which ever doll I decided to take out for a photo opportunity if one should happen.

I am always trying to practice my photography with my dolls and the family are very patient with me. Well, today I thought I would tell you about the last night we spent in France on this year’s trip (photos where a little limited at this time as I’m sure you can imagine, if you don’t know why, you can read more about this in a previous blog (the flipflops of doom)).

Bussois – a little town in France

Our last night in France was at Bussois. A small town/village rather off the beaten track that probably hadn’t seen a tourist for a while. That is the beauty of Aires, we get to see lots of places that we wouldn’t do otherwise.   

As we arrived we realised that there were certain streets closed off and that the village was having their annual Bastille Day Festival.  This wasn’t a problem as the Aire wasn’t in the closed off section. We happily approached thinking how nice it looked. There was a large grass area in front of the aire, next to a large river and it would make an idyllic stopping place for the rest of that day and overnight. As we pulled up though I noticed a few worrying things. And a couple of chaps sat down in the grassy area looked up at us and started talking animatedly with each other. The worrying things that I noticed where a very large number of wires running over the grass that lead to the men at one end and boxes and boxes of fireworks at the other.


Dr. J. being the useful one in foreign trips, can speak fairly good French. So, he got out to ask what was happening and where we could go. It seemed quite obvious and sensible that we shouldn’t park there for the night,. The nearest fireworks were barely 2 meters away.

The men and Dr. J. chatted for a while as I scanned through the Aires book and maps to find the next closest place that I liked the sound of, not easy one handed. In fact, as a slight interjection map reading one handed is a bit of a pain. But it was all good. The large building behind us, that I hadn’t really noticed up to this point was a school and closed. I should point out that this was Friday and only the cleaners were left there now. So, the men moved some traffic barriers and ushered us in there. We had our very own space for the night, well away from the traffic and crowds that turned up as the night progressed.

A lovely place to stop for the night

Our own private campsite

I took some of my favourite photos from the holiday, I had lots of space and could prop things up as I had plenty of time to play while Dr. J. cooked dinner. Another thing he is very good at, I am very lucky.

And after dinner and a very nice glass of local wine, we wandered around our building shelter and got front row views of the most amazing fire acrobatics I have even seen, mainly because we where only 8 foot from them. Health and safety is very different over there. Then to top it off a fireworks display that must have gone on for over 45 minutes. It was quite amazing and totally unexpected, even more so as Bastille day was still a week away and we never found out why they where having it early.

The beauty of being able to get away from the usual tourist attractions and meet sincerely friendly and generous people is why I so love our campervan. We never know where or what we might find around the next turn. There will be more Honey Travels posts dotted around the actual doll related blogs as I just like writing them. But next time I will back to doll things. Especially as I should have the cast off my wrist by then and will be making again.

a shot from a few night before over the Alps

Bye for now