The Core Collective and getting ready for an Exhibition.

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Hi lovely people

Today I thought I’d write a little bit about the Core Collective, as any new followers might not be aware of them and to be honest I’m not really sure I have told you old chaps much either.

The Core Collective is a set of Midland based artists that have been pulled together by a lovely lady called Paula Gabb. She is a painter and is sticking one in the eye of all the naysayers who doubted her and her ability. She paints urban setting as well as other things, but is really doing well with pubs at the moment and one day I would hope to find one of her paintings hanging proudly behind the bar in most Birmingham pubs.


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Paula set up the Collective to enable artists to be able to exhibit locally, sharing the cost amongst us all and being able to get our art in front of an audience that would not have known about us otherwise.  It really is a fabulous idea, and at each exhibition a percentage of any sales, and the opening night’s raffle, goes to our chosen charity, the Disability Resource Charity.

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Through the Core I have been able to exhibit in a library, a hospital, meeting centres amongst others and now this weekend we are setting up for an exhibition in a pub/brewery. How exciting is that? I was a little concerned to start with as my art is textile, soft sculpture, would a pub be bit messy? I didn’t like the idea of the dolls having drinks spilt all over them. So, I bought a new glass cabinet and some display domes and now we are good to go.

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It’s running all August until 2nd September, opening with “meet the artists” this Sunday, 5th August ’18, 4.00pm. It would be lovely if local people could pop in sometime, as well as workshops on all sorts of topics we also have a craft and art market on Sunday 12th, which will be well worth popping by. And you can get a local real ale to boot.

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Sadly, as a result of my broken wrist, I had to cancel my doll making workshop, but I am planning on going to some of the others now instead.

And in case you can make it down to the opening event, my raffle price this time is Maisy, and she is modeling a bunny outfit. I am sure you’ll agree any doll lover would be happy to win Maisy in a raffle. Raffle tickets only available at the event. 

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Now, I need to go and tell the dolls, who is in and who isn’t. I don’t think some of the younger ones should be there really, but the boys have already heard about it and insisted on coming, How could I say no?


Until next time, I hope you are all having a lovely summer.

Ally x