The Flip-Flops of Doom

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Hello everyone

You may have noticed a little delay in my posting schedule this month. For those that don’t know I broke my right wrist on holiday and am now typing with my left hand and only about 2 fingers as I have never been a proficient typist anyway. I am right handed so this has been more of a blow than last year’s accident, if any of you remember back I broke my left wrist on holiday in Morocco, at more or less the same time of year. Last year I knew right away it was broken and was taken to a hospital where they operated and put a metal splint in my arm, which is still there and once I’d finished physio, my left wrist hasn’t been a problem at all. This year’s holiday was a campervan trip with myself, hubby and dog, in which we travelled down through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland and finally reaching Northern Italy where we stayed a few days before turning round and coming home. I fell on the last night in Italy, it had rained a little and on returning from the shower block I slipped on wet tiles and apparently flipped in mid air twisting away from my left arm, unconsciously protecting it I guess, and landed on my right. It hurt, it hurt such a lot, a very nice chap who had seen me go down rushed over with an ice pack and I spent the night with that on my wrist.
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Now beware of Google and checking on-line for medical advice, it’s a very daft thing to do and to rely on. I convinced myself and hubby that it must just be a sprain:

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  • a sprain hurts more than a break, yes this hurt more than last year’s break,
  • It was still in a straight line, last year my wrist was hanging in a rather disturbing manner (I am sure it is still bent in a funny way, but it works fine and that’s the main thing).
  • It swelled up, sprains do that.

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.0.47″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.105″] Anyway, we returned nice man’s ice block in the morning, bought a bag of frozen peas, and set off on the return journey, with me vowing never to wear flip-flops again. We had worked out I was wearing the same flip-flops of doom the year before too. I took pain killers for the rest of the journey home, each day more convinced that it was a sprain. We bought a sling from Switzerland as we passed back through it, our home-made attempts were not really helping too much, and a lovely bruise was coming out, but the pain was subsiding, and I was getting movement back into my fingers. Having had a broken wrist the year before, the medicine box was quite well supplied with left-over pain killers. We got back to England 6 days later and I went to Drs just to check, but mainly to get the results of some tests I had done before the holiday. Sadly, though she took one look at me and sent me for an x-ray in hospital. The x-ray person, there must be a long name for them, but I can’t think now, took one look and said it’s broken, how long have you been walking around like this? with horror in her voice. Then sent me to A&E and, after a rather long wait, the Dr there decided to try to re-align it, which meant breaking it again, as it had already started to knit, and pulling back into line. After a local anaesthetic and laughing gas, I can definitely say I would not recommend this procedure to anyone. It was nasty! Well the long shot of that was re-aligning it didn’t work well enough, so after seeing a specialist a couple of days later, I was put on a rolling waiting list to get in and operated on as soon as possible. Thursday, also my birthday, I spent the day in hospital, waiting, hungry and thirsty, only to be sent home. But then on Monday I was in and the operation went ahead, yay. So now I am really on the mend this time, I am in a cast for 4/5 weeks I think, and I believe I have wires in my wrist that will be pulled out then and I will do some weeks of physio and be sent on my merry way. In the meantime I have bought left-handed scissors, but will spend most of my time refreshing my website, Etsy shop and sleeping, these painkiller really knock me out. 
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Lessons learnt:

  • never wear flip-flops on wet tiles.
  • Left handed scissors are real, and necessary for left handed people, you can’t use right handed scissors with your left hand.
  • Don’t listen to google on health issues, it will either frighten you unnecessarily or make you ignore something you should do something about.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.105″] So, this will hopefully explain my absence, and also excuse my tardiness over the next few weeks.
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Until next time