Halloween fun and frolics

Hi all,

hope you all had as good a weekend as I did, I possibly overindulged a little on Saturday night, but nights like that don’t come around that often and we all had such a good time, so Sunday was a little slow moving and I was very grateful for the extra hour in bed.  To any readers over the pond, and I am very pleased to say I have some, in fact on the stats that come through with blogger I can see I have readers all over the world, in places that don’t even speak English, which is amazing and very humbling. Little old me, can you be proud and humble at the same time?

Anyway Sunday was the day that we Brits put the clocks back 1 hour for daylight savings time, so I got to stop in bed for another hour, which was lovely, and Saturday was ‘Halloween Hellraiser’, an event Moselele (the ukulele group) were playing at and also a 4 other real bands. Well as we were performing we all decided fancy dress was essential, so I was in my element. Not considering 40s or 50s clothes to be dressing up, I just love the chance for real dressing up, and evening gowns, don’t get the chance to wear them often either, surprisingly.  Anyhow I decided on Day of the Dead and here is what I looked like…

Día de Muertos is a mexican holiday when they pray for and remember their dead and is the same day as we celebrate halloween, and I love the look. Another member of the group also picked the same theme, although we didn’t realise before hand. Don’t we look good.

I had a great little top hat fascinator that I embroidered with ribbon roses for the outfit, and a rose I made out of polymer clay and hung on a black velvet ribbon for a necklace.  They didn’t show up in the pictures so there are some separately at the end of the post.

The outfit also included a corset I made awhile ago, a white gypsy blouse and a skirt that I made for a can can dancer outfit once that I never tire of wearing and it has so many layers and is such fun to swish about in.  And a little rag doll husband I made for a halloween do many years ago.

We played our set first and then had the rest of the night to listen to the other bands, chat and catch up with friends and dance to the DJs.  Myself and Dr J, haven’t done as much dancing as we would have liked lately, so although it wasn’t really the place for it, we made the most of it. In fact we often find that more modern records, you know, things from the 80s and 90s can often be danced to with balbo and west coast swing.  Balboa being from the 20s and 30s and east coast swing from the 40s. And of course we got a little bit of jiving in.

On the whole a great night and when it was the end of the night and the lights went on, I wished it could have gone on longer, although in hindsight and seeing how slow I was yesterday, it’s probably aswell it didn’t.

Another exciting thing was I decided to offer a hat for one of the raffle prizes, the event was for charity. I thought a bespoke hat for one lucky winner would be nice, so I’m waiting to see who wins it, it’s not been drawn yet, and what sort of hat they might like.

Tickets can be purchased from this link if you are interested, although not sure about postage for the prizes especially the one that is a meal out, so I will check that out:

Well time is getting on and I’ve things to do involving more ribbon, getting quite into this ribbon stuff lately, so I will say bye, bye for now, but there will be more soon.

hugs all round
ally x

One thought on “Halloween fun and frolics

  1. woooow that is truly a fabulous dia de los muertos outfit! i looove your make up and i can´t believe you made that beautiful corset! it´s a dream and has such a perfect fit, i never tried to make a corset by my own. but i take my hat off for such talent!
    happy halloween!
    love and kiss,mary

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