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bet you were thinking I’d forgotten about bras once I had a wearable model. Well not so, one of the big things I want to be able to provide in my virtual shop is made-to-measure reproduction vintage bras, so I have been beavering away at this, in the background so to speak, but I thought today I would just update you as to how I’m getting on.

Ok I have these photos, but I want to apologise for the quality of the front facing camera bit on my phone, it’s not so good and my arms aren’t so long and the button is in a really awkward place, that if you miss it by the slightest amount you end up going back to the home page.  It can be very frustrating, and one thing I do plan to get for myself is a better camera and a tripod. But for now we will have to make do with what we have got.

So anyway, I have these photos to hopefully show you the difference in bust shapes with the different bras: 1 modern, 1 bullet and 1 circle and spoke.  I aim to have both bullet and circle and spoke in the shop as they are quite different looks.  I wore a close fitting 50s jumper so hopefully it will give the right feel.

Modern Bra
With a modern bra you don’t get the same lift and the space between your waist and the start of your bust is smaller, this has quite a detrimental effect on vintage clothes. Vintage trousers and skirts are higher waisted, that is they that actually come up to your waist rather than your hips. As these shots are really only of the bust area you don’t get to see this properly, but once I have the camera situation, or a willing model, sorted I hope demonstrate better.

Having just looked at these photos you can actually see that in these shots my elbow joint is less visable showing there is less lift.

Bullet Bra

 Better lift and with this pattern not highly pointed, I think I will try another shot (pardon the pun) at this. The other problem I have with these is that this is a wired bra and I really was hoping to move away from wires, I personally find them quite uncomfortable and they always fall apart in the washing machine. So the next thing to do with the bullet bra is re-draft for no wires and a bit more point, although as a first gander into vintage bras it’s not a bad starting point, as an extreme point can be a foreign to start, as I’m sure a lot of vintage wears out there will agree.

Circle and Spoke
much more lift, highest elbow show and quite a point. I love this bra and have been wearing it loads, it improves the fit of my vintage and reproduction clothes no end. And it’s comfortable no wire problems, I can’t understand why we stopped wearing them.

So that’s where I’m at, almost at the stage of putting these up in my shop.  I have just to decide the best way of getting girls to measure exactly where I want them to, as the whole point to a custom made fitted bra is that is fits beautifully.

So I will want to make sure those measurements are spot on.

On other news here’s a bit of embroidery for the crown of a hat. I do hope a certain young lady likes it and that we are both of the same thought on colour, sometimes one interpretation can be quite different from the next person, and it’s hard to show the exact colour on the internet.

Well bye bye for now,
hug and all that
ally x x

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  1. Certainly, yes, there is quite a difference between them, love the second look. I am in love with that hat project! You are sooo skillful!

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