white queen, here’s my chance

Good Morning everyone,

well I’m afraid I’m a little too excited to bother much with food friday, I’m doing a ‘rich sticky ginger cake’ from the next section called Cakes and Gateaux.

To be honest I wasn’t all that enthralled with this section, although a cake called forgotten gateau that gets put in the oven, the oven turned off and then left overnight, with a dire warning not to open the door and not to try it in a fan assisted oven has piqued my curiosity, but since that is for overnight I wont be able to post about that today will I so, we are stuck with ginger cake, one of my favorites anyway.

The next section ‘low-fat cakes and bakes’ does sound a little more interesting thankfully, so I’m looking forward to that. But you all know what a ginger cake looks like so I’m not even going to wait till I’ve done it to photo it and put the picture on the blog. I’ll put something up on Pinterest and facebook later instead.

Anne Hathaway as AliceFor now my mind is full of winter wonderland thoughts not baking.  I have often wanted to make the white queen from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.   From childhood, I have always love the books and secretly wished I had been called Alice instead of Alison. I have the first line of the jabberwocky tattooed on my ankle, and plan to get more, and I love Tim Burton’s interpretation of the story continuing, it was magical. The white queen’s costume is just so dainty and sparkly and girly, but wear to wear it?

Well Candy Box returns, after a long four year absence, the burlesque night run by a group of friends is back.  Candy Box Burlesques were legendary shows, well within the burlesque scene, if you don’t know what I’m on about and lets face it you probably don’t go on to google and type candy box burlesque, you’ll get lots of videos, pictures and all the usual stuff.

These night always sell out and this one will be no exception, and people, the audience, put a lot of effort into what they wear.  It is very important to do yourself proud and look your best. And I know alot of people myself included that are a little bit compulsive about ‘fancy dress’ and being as realistic as possible. The theme of this show is ‘the final meltdown’, and also winter wonderland.  Final meltdown did nothing for me, but winter wonderland made me think of the white queen’s outfit.  This could be my chance.

I love this image too from the recent TV series.

Winter Snow Queen Headband - Head Piece / White Snowflakes - Pearl White Berries / Winter Bride Wedding Fashion / MADE TO ORDERand obviously I’ll need a headpiece possibly like this one from Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/86502446/winter-snow-queen-headband-head-piece?ref=market


I know this is cross stitch , but has the right vibe too,http://www.crossstitchworld.com/cross-stitch-detail.php?RecordID=MD13

http://thetreasurechestt.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/monday-blues-snow-queen-nails.html and these are deffinatly the nails for the job, if only I could sort out my cutlicles to be that neat. oh well working hands ….


http://www.confetti.co.uk/bridalwear/wedding-dresses/winter-wedding-dresses-accessories/ and I’m deffinatly feeling a little white fake fur coming on. Could be a few ideas here for the wedding too, if we do go for winter. We are waiting to hear back from a venue at the moment, but it could be very exciting.

What I really need is pale colours, palest blue maybe, pearls and lots of sparkling snowflakes possibly crocheted or tatted, lots of thoughts and planning needed and not all that much time, 1st of December to be exact, so the corset supplies will need ordering straight away.  I will keep you up to date with my progress over the month, as a kind of blog diary.  There’s only one thing now though.  What about Dr J.? what do men wear for winter wonderland?

Just too excited, really, I’m off to the fabric shop.

loves and hugs
Ally x

3 thoughts on “white queen, here’s my chance

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  2. oh yes the white queen this is a perfect inspiration for a beautiful and magical winter creation. me too i totally fall for this dress the white queen wore in the tim burton movie, it´s to die for!!!

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