Wedding Table Number Holders

Hi All
As the wedding is getting closer and closer I thought I’d share with you our table number holders, although in truth they aren’t table number holders as we are having names for our tables to fit with our theme.

Weddings can be a very expensive business and as soon as you say the word ‘wedding’ the price can double, so I have tried to keep to a minimum cost, what I can, including stands for the table name cards. So here’s what I did to pretty up some very basic plastic stands, the sort you often use for displaying china plates. I bought 10 from ebay really cheap.
First step was to get some rub and buff on them, just a smear down the edges.
Then I spent an evening sewing ribbon to the legs to stop them opening too far, since we are using a laminated bit of A5 paper for the name I needed to make the stands more stable and this is how I achieved that.
Next stage; bling, I took some flat back crystals and using a dry clear glue and cocktail sticks stuck them to the stands.
Once dry the glue doesn’t show at all which is great since I was a little messy. Next I added ribbon, cream and blue as they are the wedding colours. 
I tied a bow around the top hinge and thought about sewing it in place and then got lazy and put a blob of glue in the centre of each bow with the cocktail stick, just as good and half the time.
As a tip for stopping your ribbon ends unraveling just wave a flame near the end and the material will melt and fuse together and keep neat, not too close though!
So there we are a quick and simple way of making a rather cheap and tacky item look much more expensive and wedding like.
And I’ll show you the ‘table names’ next time and maybe the rest of the table decorations.
Hugs and Kisses

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