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The 100 Day Project Art Doll

Have you heard of the 100-day project? This year’s starts soon on the 13th February and I really want to complete it this year. So, I am making myself more public and accountable.

Every year, thousands of people all around the world commit to 100 days of creating. Anyone can participate (yes, that means you!).

The idea is simple: choose a creative project, do it every single day for 100 days, and share your process on social using the hashtag #The100DayProject.

Want to join us for the 9th annual #The100DayProject? Save the date: the next round starts February 13, 2022.

I have a very bad track record for starting these sorts of things with great motivation and eagerness but then a few weeks in (or even days sometimes) my motivations disappear, and my enthusiasm just isn’t there anymore. Often because I have seen another bright shiny object that has caught my attention and I have decided I want to do that more. Or simply just sometimes I can’t be bothered to catch up if life has thrown me a curve ball and delayed me for a few days; Easier to just give up than catch up. Bad I know, but I am trying to change.

This time I really want to do this. I have picked a goal that is something I really want to achieve. And it should be easily integrated into my life and work so I shouldn’t find it hard. As it is making a doll and that is what I do all the time anyway.

100 days at 30min a day = 50 hours

I am aiming for 30 minutes a day; 100 days at 30 minutes that is 50 hours, that is quite a reasonable amount to achieve a goal. I am also not going to force myself to do it every day, I can have days off. For a start I will be on holiday in April and that will put a delay on things for sure. So although the official project will run until the 24th May 2022, my project will end sometime after. I can’t say yet how long after, but I will do 100 days and we will see when I end when I get there.

So, I suppose I should tell you what my project is…. drum roll please……………….

I intend to make a beautifully jointed wooden doll. Yes, this might not excite some, but I have a deep love of wood, its tactile quality and beautiful shine really attract me. And also, the thought that we owe so much to the trees around us; since cave men, they have been there for us, providing warmth and shelter and quite often food. I want to do a piece of wood justice and make something truly beautiful out of it.

I have a couple of wooden dolls under my belt, well one is a puppet, but I wont hold that against him. My first was a ball jointed doll called Maurice and with him I didn’t even attempt a wooden face. I made him a clay one which I stuck on. I’m not proud of chickening out, but carving a face is quite hard you know.

Maurice – a little wooden art doll

Wooden Art Doll

Here is a blog post about making Maurice, if you would like to know more about him….

Then came this chap, who hasn’t even got a name yet, but was completed during a foundation course on Wooden Puppet Making with Bernd Ogrodnik, just before Christmas, on Facebook. Click on the photo for a link to his page. He is a fabulous teacher.

wooden puppet

100 days of doing something every day though, now that should help. All that practice really should improve my carving. Well, we will find out wont we.

Well, that’s about it for now; I wanted to get my intention out into the world. The project starts next Sunday, and I will post each day on Instagram using the hashtag #the100dayproject and also my own #100AJDollsDays (so I can see my own improvements more easily). I do hope you will follow along with me. My aim is to do planning and blog posts and all that organisation stuff too. I really need to get better at those too. Heehee.

We will see.

take care for now and follow me on Instagram to see my daily progress.

100 day project

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