Stepping out from the shadow of the Honey Pot

I know that this post is a little late to make a grand announcement but I have changed my name dun dun dun dun.

Alison Jackson Art Dolls
Alison Jackson Art Dolls

I had meant to do this all in one go, but Facebook was so fast that it caught me off guard and instead of taking the 2 weeks plus pleading, changed the name on my page within 15 minutes of my initial request. I was a little shocked. But all is good, and without much fanfare I have changed my name and stepped out from behind the honey pot.

This website will run for a little while longer, while I finish making my new website and then link directly to it. so when you type Honey Pot Dolls you will get Alison Jackson Art dolls:

Why? I hear you ask.

Well this is something that I have been toying with for quite some time. And hubby, the wonderful Dr J. has always insisted that it would be a very good thing to do. But I was hesitant, I would have nothing to hide behind. It would just be my face out there and fancy the audacity of calling myself an artist. What was I thinking? I would never be that good? But you know that is wrong, that is just my mind monkeys telling me things they think I need to hear to protect me from failing and embarrassment. If you don’t try then you can’t fail, but equally you can’t succeed either. I am sure we have all been in a similar situation. Our upbringings, good or bad, have shaped our thinking and we unconsciously put up barriers that are supposed to be protecting us, but in fact they are stopping us from reaching what we could accomplish.

The embarrassing bit

I have been selling dolls as Honey Pot Dolls for a few years now and doing well. I have some really loyal repeat customers, people who love my dolls as much as I do. They don’t think of me as a failure or an upstart, so why do I think of myself that way? Well I’m not going to go all ‘Freud’ on you, but enough is enough. I stand proud as the doll artist I am, with no mask, but a lovely support network of other artists who all said yes do it without hesitation, and a good man behind me. Gee, this has turned a bit more mushy than I was expecting, oops.

Bye Bye Honey Pot

So, the honey pot has gone, but it’s legacy will linger. You will still be able to buy a Bees Knees Art Doll or a mini-Bee as that is the name of those particular patterns, but you will be able to see that they are made by me Alison Jackson. I will miss my little Bee but I feel I have grown up now and I really hope you like the new feel of my website and logo as much as I do. I shall still make all your favourites just as enchanting and whimsical along with lots of new ideas that are brimming and bubbling in my head.

Now anyone want a Honey Pot Creations Stamp?

Love ally x

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