Sewing machine or something for a steampunk convention?

Good morning Internet Lovelies

Another week commences, how fast do these things come around? I kinda wish it would all slow down a bit, but wouldn’t I need to be bored for that to happen?  Because that’s when time seems to go slowly doesn’t it? And I’m certainly not bored anymore. But it does mean that the countdown is going a wee bit too fast.

22 days now, but things are moving along nicely so no panic yet.

Well last week a very nice friend’s, very generous mother gave me a Singer 201K sewing machine. Tucked inside the case was a lovely old box and inside was a variety of feet the like I had never seen. They’re quite amazing and I post up pictures of the different feet in the Historical Sewing Fortnightly facebook group and got such an overwhelming response to the question, ‘What are these for?’ so I also wanted to say a big thank you to those lovely ladies and as a result of which I have downloaded a copy of ‘the instructions for using the Singer 201k machine’. All the feet are explained in it, I can’t wait to clean it up a bit and give it a whirl.  Sadly that won’t be just yet as I have too much on preparing for D-day, but soon, very soon.

Anyhow’s here’s what I got..

 Zipper Foot, adding zips of course

I did know this one myself

The Foot Hemmer, for adding the finest hem to fine fabrics, this I can’t wait to try as I will be hemming a lot of chiffon for the wedding and I hate hemming chiffon, if I can get this working and mastered I will be a very happy bunny.

A bodkin, for inserting lace 
The Tucker, makes tucks of different sizes

 The Binder, for added bias binding to edges.

The adjustable hemmer, obviously hems of different sizes
The Ruffler, this one sounds and looks amazing how much more steampunk could you get? 

Still not sure about this one, but it may be a guide to sewing an even stitch, set to an inch or what ever to guide your sewing line.

Well I will show you what they can all do once I get chance, but for now I guess I just really wanted to say how unbelievably generous people can be, from material to lace to machines (this is the second machine I have been donated), once people heard that I was setting up Honey Pot Creations all sorts of things started coming my way, all of which has help a fledgling business start to grow and people are quite amazed at what their unwanted material can become.

So thank you world, you have certainly has inspired me to be a little more generous in return.

hugs and kisses till next time.

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