I love Monday Mornings

Good Morning All

Well here we are at another Monday morning and I have to say I love it because, after a brief interlude writing to you guys, I am off to do what I love, sew. It’s been 5 month now since I took redundancy and I have to say I have loved every single day.


I was somewhat worried that I might miss people, you know the daily chat whilst making a tea and someone to share lunch with, but I don’t. Not that I didn’t love the people I was at work with, they were great and still are, but on a day to day basis I didn’t know if I would get lonely. So far so good though, I am just so much more excited to get up and at it now, the thought of Monday morning no longer brings dread, but excitement at what I might accomplish today, and today its feather curling, and it might be very sad, but I can’t wait to get up there and at it, I’m sure any craft person out there knows what I mean.
So how lucky am I, each day I get to do what I really enjoy, and in the evenings I have the lovely Dr. J. and two, suprising for teanagers, extreamly nice kids, I am feeling really rather blessed at the moment and I just wanted to share that with you all. Dreams can come true, mine have.

Now I don’t want this to turn into a ‘look at me, look at me’ post, when there must be many out there going to jobs this morning that they hate, and others without jobs at all, but I did that and I struggled with two young children on my own as many do, but just hold on to hope, and keep looking for opportunities, cause they are out there.

And I would also like to thank you lot out there reading my little musings as I’m sure that and the lovely comments also make a big difference to me not becoming a complete recluse.  With this blog I do feel connected to a large community of such wonderfully talented people, there is nothing I enjoy more than catching up with other peoples blogs while I eat my lunch, and quite often I come away completely inspired with some new technique to try in the afternoon.  Just a few months ago I knew nothing about blogs, but now I am such a big fan.  I had thought that once I stopped ‘working’, the housework would get done more, but in fact I have less time for it now as there is always something I read about in a blog that I want to try in the sewing room.

So once again thank you dear readers and do comment because it is lovely to hear from you. And thank you to everyone else who blogs, even though they won’t know as they haven’t read this, but thank you anyway for sharing with such passion.

But now feathers, hats need feathers they just fit together so well. I happened to ask at the local butchers if they had pheasant feathers and, too my surprise and delight, they gave me a whole wing, didn’t enjoy the plucking it bit, but the feathers are so worth it, so here’s some pictures of what I hope to do this afternoon, later in the week I show you how I got on.





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