250 degrees is that warm or hot?

Morning All,

Well I did it this time, looking around for a little bit of wood, I spied my son’s drum sticks and I know I should have just gone to the DIY store and bought some proper dowling as they were a little wide for the finished project, but it was a new idea, something I had never heard of before and I just had to try it there and then. What would be the harm???

Well 250 degrees is quite hot when it’s centigrade but not when it’s fahrenheit, hot enough to melt ribbon in fact.  If I had thought it through I should really have clocked that something wasn’t right, but I was all eager.  After a bit there was a bit of a bad smell coming up the stairs, you see I had wandered off back to the sewing room to let the oven work it’s magic on it’s own, mistake number 2.  Well in my excuse the website just said 250 degrees, so I set the oven to exactly that 250 degrees.

New drum sticks need for the lad, melted ribbon just doesn’t want to come off, if anyone has any tips I’d be grateful.

Still not about to make it to the DIY shop I decided to try knitting needles this time, I mean they’re round and metal, I think, so they should survive the oven and I am at the right temperature now. Well ‘oops’ is about the only thing that can be said at this point…

Ok the ribbon bit worked but I don’t think I’ll be knitting on these pins again in a hurry. I did find some sticks for cooking kebabs on too so a couple of them went in.

So it really is off to the DIY shop this time as the kebab sticks did a fine job but I do need a larger size too.

These wonderful little curls of ribbon are called Korker and used for hair bows if you want to look them up and I wanted them to decorate the bags that I will put any hats that get sold at the Alternative and Burlesque Fair in. I’m a firm believer that the bag should look good too.

upside down, sorry.

 This is the effect I want on my bags, and if you are in the Birmingham area, and you do come along on the day and just happen to buy something off me, then you just might get one tied to the handle of your bag. Although saying that I do feel my internet customers deserve them too so once I get those darn dowels these might crop up on all my sales.

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