sewing for Dr J.

Good Morning All, here’s hoping you are all well

Firstly pictures of the sewing room tidied and I feel much more conducive to creative juices, just got to keep it up now.

I even got round to getting the Ikea mirrors on the wall at last, oh and doesn’t Betty look sweet today, and now the window sill is clear enough for her to sit on it again.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m all about me all the time, and as I scan back through these post it is all about stuff I’ve sewed for myself.  I do sew/knit etc for others too especially around Christmas.  I used to be able to sew for my children more. They are now at that age were homemade just wouldn’t cut it, but believe me growing up they had the best fancy dress costumes.

Every Christmas Dr J. gets something from a vintage pattern as I try to improve my tailoring skills. It is quite a different  matter sewing a man’s jacket from a ladies dress, even trousers are a lot less of a faff for women.

1940's Men's Jackets
This year he got this battle jacket, I had made it before as a surprise present but I won’t do surprise again, I made it too short by far and consequently he very rarely wore it, but has always wanted another that fits, so this year I got round to it. It’s from a pattern from Evadresses.com (http://www.evadress.com/3969.html) and is a lovely jacket to make as it not really tailored, and comes together quite quickly.

I have tried proper tailoring with this white dinner jacket, but as it was a bit of a learning exercise I didn’t buy the best material and consequently found it very hard to steam set the sleeves and bits like that, but on the whole I was fairly pleased with it.

In the past he has had a variety of loop collar shirts, some for everyday and some for stage, for new readers he sings and plays in a rockabilly band, the Magnificatz. Can you tell which is which?

And couple of pairs of trousers ….

Some close ups of the tailoring on his pegs.

So all in all, he’s not doing too badly is he, that said the next few things on the pile are for me. 
One of the reasons I have written this post is that I have been wondering whether to expand Honey Pot Creations into the men’s market.  One of the things a lot of friends on the scene complain about is a lack of well fitted pegs and shirts at reasonable prices. So what do you think out there, could there be a market for a made to measure pair of pleated trousers at a reasonable cost?
And just to finish I thought you might be interested in our wardrobe, we just built the interior and decided we didn’t want the sides and doors, possibly not the best way to look after the material but we like it, what do you think?

ok I’m off to look into Evadress’s new sewing competition,
http://evadress.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/2014-evadress-pattern-contest-details.html, if your interested in learning more about it too.  I’ll post more about what I’m going to sew for it once I decide, I have a number of her patterns and do love them.
Warmest regards as always.
ally x

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