happy New Year and a little holiday DIY (well you gotta ain’t ya)

Hello All and and very happy new year to everyone.

I hope this new year brings everyone peace and happiness. Here at the honey pot, we have all had a very nice holiday, but all good things must end and today it was back into work for Dr. J. and back to working on a very exciting new project for me, that I will share with you soon.  But first, since it is well over a week since my last blog I thought I best get on here and write a little.

Even if we had had water I don’t think I could have used it.
most of the ceilings looked like this

I thought I would share with you our DIY project of the holiday. As a bit of an update Dr. J. and I bought this house a year and a bit ago and it was a mess, it had been empty for 4 years and not really looked after before that, so we had a real job on our hands.  We were very lucky not to have to move in straight away and were able to do a lot of the work before we did. We still had no water (or even a sink) in the kitchen when we did moved in, and no drain out of the utility for awhile after, I would wash up in a bowl and then carry the water outside and chuck it on the garden. I say garden, but that is not really true, and still a project waiting for a start date (hopefully spring).  But anyway much progress has been made since then and we are getting closer to finishing the inside of the house now.  This holiday, we decided to work on the snug. This is the area between the landing and our attic dormer (bedroom).  It was a bathroom, but was way too small for a family, so we decided to use it to house the stairs for the attic and make an office/ironing room/useful space out of it, as well as try to keep it as a nice place to sit and get away from it all.  For some reason the house had had one of the bedrooms converted into a bathroom in the 70s, so we still had one, although it too got completely ripped out and started again, becoming a bathroom and a sewing room (it was way too big for a bathroom).  Check out the sunken avocado bath with carpeted steps, too creepy. I hope I don’t have to say this was before not after.

looking down from the attic

There is not much space really so it needed careful thought out, and a trip to Ikea (myself and daughter and a great afternoon out).  We had a fair bit of MDF left over from another project so whilst still in the shop we got it cut into shelves and enough for a bench seat. Worrying about boughing with all the files on the shelves, Dr. J. cleverly attached a front piece to them, and used a lot of brackets for support.  We have a lot of paperwork for various reasons,  and still have more to go up so another shelf is planned for above the bench seat.

Ikea supplied a very neat table that got fixed to the wall and takes up no space when down, so paperwork can be complete and the iron almost fits behind it and the curtain. I have a little of the curtain material left, which will be just enough to hang under the bench seat and hide all the things stored there. And once I have made it to the markets I shall have some foam to make the seat cushion, to be covered in the gold, a bit of donated material which will be perfect.
and Dr. J. old teddy on the window, so sweet. 

 So all in all a well spent holiday, no stress just nice progress. I’ll post up a photo of it when we get it finished, but for now I best get the Etsy shop re-opened and go make a hat.

Back to regular posting next week.
hugs and kisses

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