Fabric flowers from flames, well heat really

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today I wanted to share with you someone else’s blog, I came across this while idly looking for ideas on new ways to make flowers with fabric, and I thought it was ingenious.  You see I am looking for ideas for my bouquet, I know the wedding is a while off yet, but I bet this year flies by and I need to be on top of these things. Also with it being a winter wedding, I was thinking fabric bouquet rather than real flowers to get an icy look, it’s still in a very loose thought form in my head.

But this lady is so clever, she writes the polka dot closet blog and it has quickly become a firm favourite of mine with so many posts of craft ideas and lovely inspiration, her name is Carol and she is from the States and if you follow the link below it will take you to her blog.



Aren’t they so beautiful.  Well full of excitement and, having read through her instructions, hope, I grabbed some material and my blow torch.  Let me tell you it is not as easy as she makes it look.

Ok first change, use a candle, you can still burn yourself easily but it is less ferocious.

Two, check your material before you cut out lots of circles, it may not be synthetic enough and they all seem to melt in different ways.

This material below just seemed to melt wrong rather than curl nicely, and I did get a few burns and holes in the material trying too hard.  If the material don’t want to play, go find some more material.

 and Three, pay attention, because it is a very fast process if you have the right material in the right place above the candle and it is all too easy to go too far.

But with perseverance and quite a few ouches I got the hang of it, so now I can make a flower with a lot less pain and I think I will, I can see a whole lot of hats coming off the production line with these on.

old vintage lost earrings make great centers

Well that will do for today.

take care everyone.
ally x

One thought on “Fabric flowers from flames, well heat really

  1. OMG, thank you for your kind words…Your advice is so right on….You have to have the right material, it makes all the difference. I have started using a tweezers as I melt each petal…I got so tired of blisters on my fingers. They are perfect for hats, pins, and certainly your wedding bouquet. Be sure to let me know if you make your bouquet, I would love to see it!!


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