Red Roses, cause its almost Valentine’s Day

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all happy and content in your worlds.

Myself and Dr. J. have just returned from a few days out in our camper van, to the coast, and I am feeling very content because of it. I love the sea, in fact all water, and since we live in the centre of England more or less I don’t get to see it as often as I’d like. So we combined a trip with some work Dr. J. needed to do and had a very nice relaxing time.

But enough of my ramblings today I intend to hopefully explain how I go about making my polymer clay roses, ready for Valentine’s Day.

Polymer clay is a wondrous stuff that you knead for quite a while until it is all soft and smooth, then you can make it in to all sorts of things, and once you’re happy you bake it in an oven, carefully following the instructions on the packet. And when cool it is hard and fairly strong, brilliant stuff.

I learnt how to make these roses using icing first, way back in the days when I made and decorated wedding cakes, and the principle is just the same, except it is easier with clay as it doesn’t dry out. Icing needs to be used quickly and kept covered as it starts to dry and harden as soon as it’s out the packet, no such problems with clay.

Ok then firstly prepare your clay, knead well and then roll out to as thin as you think you can manage, I usually go to 6 or 7 on the pasta roller.

I have a set of petal shaped cutters designed for cake decorating, most of my clay tools started off as cake tools. Cut out 4 or 5 of each size and then starting with the smallest, stick them all together, ok bye.

No not really. Starting with one of the smallest petals roll it into a tube, but don’t squash it tight just keep it loose.

Add the next by wrapping it around the last, turn the rose a tad and then add another till you have used all the small ones. While you are doing all this slightly bend the petals outwards for a more realistic look.

With the next size put the first one on at a slight angle so you aren’t using the whole width to start and it would look too big next to the last little one, use this principle when switching between all the sizes.

I like to give each petal a little pinch in the centre, but that’s purely personal, I think it looks nice.

Once you are done adding petals, you’ll find you have a large lump at the back which is no good if you want to put your rose down flat, so just cut it off and put it back in the spare clay pile.

Hopefully this video will make that lot make more sense.

Now bake, follow the instructions carefully though, do not over heat or burn this stuff. Not only does it smell very, very bad, it is also poisonous, something to bear in mind. And wash your hands before stuffing them in your mouth.

oh and apologies for my dirty work tile, (left over from tiling the bathroom and very practical) it gets used a lot.

Well there you go then, if you were stuck for Valentine’s Day presents why not try making your own? Stick a rose on a brooch back, on a ring, or drill a hole though the back and pop it on a necklace. Who doesn’t love a home made gift, although diamonds are nice too.

Till next time.

Hugs and Kisses


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