My Creepy Dolls and the Macabre Market.

Hi Everyone,
how you all doing? Bit of a wet day here at the Honey Pot, but warm and cosy inside. Hope you are all warm too.

Last night was a Macabre Market. This is a monthly event, 1st of every month, when a bunch of us designer/makers get together and have a huge on-line market though Facebook. Here is a link to the page, if you’d like to follow to get notified of each event.

It’s such a fantastic idea. You, the punter, get to stay home, with your PJs on, cuppa hot chocolate, or large G&T whatever floats your boat and watch as some of the best macabre vendors on Facebook put up picture upon picture of delightful items to tickle your fancy. With 2 new posts uploaded every 5 minutes, it’s pretty quick paced if you want to see everything, and sometimes items are gone pretty darn fast. If you want something you just follow the link on the post and it takes you to usually the vendor’s Etsy shop (as in my case) but sometimes to the seller’s website where within a couple of clicks you can buy and then wait for the postman to bring it right to your door. What could be simpler or more convenient?

We have everything from heart shaped chocolate and jewellery, to pyrographed skulls and kitchenwares and clothes, and of course dolls, in fact anything you could fancy as long as it has a macabre twist to it.




Anyway these markets have been great for me to delve into my darker side a bit and produce a creepy doll each month, which has been great fun. But although I do try and make these dolls a bit sinister I just can’t really manage it, they always have a twist of fun to them in the end, here’s a few for you to check out.

This month though I think I really quite surpassed myself with Fred, my Bird Man, made with black satin to get that bird like shine and using embroidery in place to emulate feathers and large wings, even if I do say so myself, he looks great, but pop him in his dinner jacket with tails he is all dressed up and waiting for his date.

And as soon as one is finished my thoughts turn to next month’s, when I’m kinda thinking about a girl bat in flowing robes, but we will see how that turns out.

This month I did a 25% discount off and it is still active until Sunday if you get in quick you could use it too. Just enter the code ‘FEB25’ in checking out of my Etsy store. Link at the top of the left hand side bar.
So till next week
Hugs and Kisses


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