legs, legs and more legs

Good morning internet sweethearts,

hope everyone is ok and enjoying spring/summer or autumn/winter, depending on where you are in the world. It’s a little rainy here today, but at least that means the garden is being watered and I feel I can stay in and sew and not feel I ought to be outside. (Although sewing outside, is by far the best.)

If you read my newsletters, you will know that I am working on a new range of dolls, I am calling them mini Bees. These are cute sassy ladies, with squarish heads and big eyes, and a lot smaller than my usual dolls they come in at just 10 inches high.

I am having trouble deciding on legs though. I am looking for a softer doll, more of a play doll for children, so the legs are going to be sewn on and not button jointed as my art dolls are, as you can see from this cute little bottom.

But then feet?

Shaped in the pattern piece or gathered ankle? And pointed toe or standing foot?

And knees?
Left straight, dimpled with thread or sewn straight across?

  Third photo shows pointed toe too


 So what I’d like to do is ask your opinion, I have 3 pattern pieces and multiple options, but what do you think? which should I go with?

Regardless of the style of leg, they will all have bloomers with a bee painted on the back.

I do hope you like them, I shall have more details on them in my next newsletter, when I will tell you about their accessories. (You can subscribe on the right hand column by the way.)

So until next time

Hugs and Kisses


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