Exciting new delivery today

Good morning you internet lovelies  
So the postman knocked on the door this morning and I
crossed my fingers because I have been waiting for this particular parcel for a
while now as it was being sent from China, and that can take a bit of time.
I have
been trying to source packing boxes for the mini Bees, (I have been trying to
source better boxes for the large dolls too, but have not had any luck with those
yet) and thought these might be quite cute.

They come in 2 pieces and after a bit of folding and refolding in different directions, I had a large match box shape. And I have to say I am pleased too with the quality, they feel fairly robust and substantial, which was important to me, but you just can’t tell online until you actually buy something and get it home.

 I liked the thought of these sliding covers though and had the idea of a peep hole, so the next step was to get the cutting things out and make a hole.

 The mini Bees fit inside very nicely and I shall now have to think about wrapping, ie tissue paper and how to arrange their quilts and teddy bears, oh and come to think of it actually make their teddy bears.

Things are getting there though now, and I am hoping to launch this new range of doll in my next newsletter, so keep watching and do sign up for the newsletter for interesting titbits and offers.

I am also looking into getting the CE certificate for these dolls so that I can market to children too. So many people ask for my dolls as Children’s presents, I am now seriously considering it. That will make a few entertaining blog posts as you watch me put these poor dolls through some very exacting tests, and even set fire to them. That bit has always put me off a little, the setting fire to something that takes so long to make, but it is an important part of the testing.

I hope you like my new boxes, please do drop me a comment and let me know. I love to hear from you. Until next time.
Hugs and Kisses


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