Halloween – I love it.

Hello internet lovelies

I’m all about Halloween at the moment and I wanted to make a pumpkin headed doll just to try it out, and I’m so pleased with the way her head has turned out that I wanted to share it with you.
I know how to make a ball with several pieces of an oval shape with pointed ends,sewn together.
But what I wanted was a pumpkin, so round but not ball, It would need a flatter shape with a cylinder in the middle to give it height, so sides on it would look like a rectangle. So I adapted the shape to give it more of a middle and decided that the best way to make it flat was to anchor the top and bottom together after she was done. (Note this pumpkin has become a girl already, well as soon as she had eyes, she told me her name would be Willamina Pumpkin Pie, so that was decided).
Something strange happened during stuffing though, a pumpkin grew while I packed more fluff inside her, she became the right shape all by herself no need for me to add any additional flattening. Now how did that happen? I really don’t know but I’m very glad it did as she is perfect don’t you think.

(If I think about it hard I can get an increased circumference, means a larger radius, means less height, but it makes my brain hurt.lol)

So next was the thought of how to finish her and I decided to make tendrils out of some merino wool roving. I took strands felted them up and then dried them around wooden dowels, and they turned out perfect too. 

I almost feel that this doll made her herself exactly how she wants to be mmmmmwwwahahahahah

And I was so pleased I made some smaller versions, and then a bigger one too.

but after all this Halloween horror my thoughts turned towards Christmas and a snowman, take out two panels and hey presto I already have the pattern for a snow man.

So that’s all for now folks, I would like to wish everyone a very spooky Halloween,

Hugs and Kisses

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