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Cloth dolls and Wee Willie Winkie

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? Well, I hope.

Star headed art doll

This week I have returned my thoughts to cloth dolls although probably only briefly. A prompt from a Facebook follower; ‘thank you’ Rachel; has reminded me of an old doll that needs re-visiting. And I feel a new version forming in the back of my mind. I just hope I can get these 2 cloth dolls done before a new star needs to be born.

Cloth Dolls

But I have a notebook with a picture of one of my early dolls on the cover. Thanks Vistaprint. Since I have started using it, I looked at it and felt quite nostalgic for my Bees Knees Art Dolls. I called that style of doll Bees Knees to fit in with the name I was using then which was Honey Pot Creations. Anyway, I decided to make a couple and obviously one needs to be a witch cause it’s getting to that time of year. The other I am a little unsure of, she hasn’t spoken to me yet.

Notebook with Art Doll on cover
Notebook with Art Doll on cover and tea always a good addition

As I write I have almost finished clothing and have a wonderful wig ready for my witch and her body is part strung, but her face is a blank canvas and that will be dealt with tomorrow. Something to show you next week.

parts of a cloth art doll
parts of cloth art dolls
witch's dress and corset
witch’s dress WIP
wool wig WIP
wool wig WIP

Other Projects in the Fire

Other things I have pottering along are a paper clay moon and a couple of BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls). The BJDs these seem to have hit right at the back burners; as in I haven’t done anything with them for quite awhile now. But Mr Moon is moving along at a reasonable speed. As I have assuredly told you before I get a little distracted during the drying time of paper-clay and wander off into other project so the actual time to finish a project is longer by far than it should be. But I do intend to finish this guy next week and hope to be able to show you photo proof. He told me he is a bit sleepy so he will have slippers and a night cap, like Wee Willie Winkie.

moon hanging art doll
moon hanging art doll Work In Progress

Well anyway I am off now to make a couple of pairs of frilly knickers, as you do.

Till next time, stay safe.

Ally xx

2 thoughts on “Cloth dolls and Wee Willie Winkie

  1. Your work is absolutely Stunning!
    Magical and makes my heart smile .
    Blessings for sharing your gift w us all.

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