This blog post is in answer to one of my most frequently asked questions so there will be a link from here to the FAQ page and one back here.


How big are your Dolls?

When you are looking at a computer screen or your mobile phone it is very hard to tell the size of a doll. Or what the difference is between the sizes of the different style dolls I make. They are not very often in the same photo for comparison. Hopefully this post will answer all those questions for you.

Generally, I make two different size dolls and they are Bees Knees Art Dolls and mini-Bees, you can probably tell from the name, that the mini-Bees are smaller than the Bees Knees. But when just seeing pictures this isn’t obvious.  

So mini-Bees are about 10 inches (28 cm) tall and Bees Knees Art Dolls are 14 inches (36 cm) tall.

I also make custom dolls and occasionally Waldorf dolls and these can be all sorts of sizes. So if you want a doll that doesn’t fit into the Bees Knees Art Doll or mini-Bee category don’t despair, just get in touch and we can discuss your individual requirements.

Well I hope that helps, I should also point out that of the mini-Bees that have removable clothes, those clothes are the same size as a Blythe doll and so can be used for both.


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