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Bees Knees, mini-Bees – what does it all mean?? It’s all down to size

This blog post is in answer to one of my most frequently asked questions so there will be a link from here to the FAQ page and one back here.

a large Waldorf doll and a small rag doll
a large Waldorf Doll and a smaller Mini Size rag doll

How big are your Dolls?

When you are looking at a computer screen or your mobile phone it is very hard to tell the size of a doll. Or what the difference is between the sizes of the different style dolls I make. They are not very often in the same photo for comparison. Hopefully this post will answer all those questions for you.

Generally, I make two different size dolls and they are Bees Knees Art Dolls and mini-Bees, you can probably tell from the name, that the mini-Bees are smaller than the Bees Knees. But when just seeing pictures this isn’t obvious.  

small rag doll
green elf like cloth collector doll

So mini-Bees are about 10 inches (28 cm) tall and Bees Knees Art Dolls are 14 inches (36 cm) tall. And then there are Waldorf dolls and they tend to be larger still at 20 inches (51cm). But this is all very subjective and certainly not set in stone. When buying a doll on line, it is certainly best to get a tape measure and see what that actual size is. I will always have the size in the listing.

three sizes of cloth art dolls
Three sizes sitting together

Well I hope that helps, I should also point out that of the mini-Bees that have removable clothes, those clothes are the same size as a Blythe doll and so can be used for both.

Until next time,

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