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Apologies and the 3 of hearts

Hello all,

This blog starts with an admission and an apology to anyone waiting for the next in my BJD series of blog post.

I haven’t got any further!

I thought it best to just straight up own up!


Time has gotten away with me lately. I have never been very good at keeping to a timetable, when it is to do things for me as opposed to doing things in a job situation. I was actually very good at that, most of the time. And kept to my daily tasks and to-do list well. Now that I work full time as an artist I don’t have that boss looking over every aspect and I flit from job to job as urges take me. Much more fun, if not a triffle messy.

Bad Timekeeping and bright shiny new projects

Air-dry clay is especially hard for me to keep to a timetable for. During the drying out time what do you do? It could be days! So, I go and start a new project, or pick up a half finished one. Then in 2 days’ time when I could go back to the first project, I am fully captivated by some other doll and don’t think about my first project again for weeks sometimes. I have so many dolls around here that are only half finished. It’s ok they will all be finished one day, and there is no-rush in my mind.

This doesn’t help with this blog series though does it? The legs are no further along than last time and instead I have been playing with polymer clay and a new cloth body shape.

air dry clay body part for art dolls

I shouldn’t have committed to a post each week. This in itself, is enough to start my brain going naw don’t want to do it. But blogging is something I enjoy doing, I like to write. It’s not the writing bit that is a problem it’s the needing to have some progress on a particular project to tell you about. Often, and yes, this week, I have no progress to tell you about. I have been busy but I have been doing other things. Consequently, I am changing my commitment. I will still try to write each week, but I shall just tell you what I have been up to. This will be much easier for me to commit to as each week I will have definitely done something doll related, less when I am on holiday as you would expect but even then I do have little projects that I take with me.

So what have I done this week?

shop in the square

Shop in the Square

The shop that I have stock in is getting ready to open up again on 29th June. We are all really excited and looking forward to this, and Sunday I spent getting my shelves ready for social distancing. We also have a website for people who cant get to the physical shop and all the usual social media accounts.

Leg problems

I had a doll I was working on with legs I decided I didn’t like. They were from my old mini-Bee pattern which was just one piece and with no knee joint and consequently no bend. So I cut them in half at the knees. This week she has had her severed legs sewn back together and they look ok and are now able to bend. I am half happy but they are a little messy, and obviously she will never walk again. Something I do like though is the red wool wig with the very curly hair I made her. I also spent an hour hand sewing her a polo neck which she then said she didn’t want and made her a ruff instead.

knee joint for cloth doll
knee joint for cloth doll
art doll with curly wig
art doll with curly wig and you can see her stumps, poor thing.
ruff for art doll
I decided I didn’t like the polo neck and went with a ruff instead
art doll with curly red hair

I have a blog post on how to make this curly hair here if you want to have a read and give it a go yourself.


sorry the blog seems to have vanished. The photos weren’t all that good anyway so I will put it on my to do list and re make it, next time I make a curly wig. Give me a shout out if you want it sooner.

Alice’s playing card men

Oh and I am making two very sweet little chaps who will be the playing cards from Alice in Wonderland. I designed the cards, 3 of hearts and the 4 of hearts, and got my special material that goes though the printer ready and printed off the first one. It came out blank which was a bit confusing, until I realised that the colour cartridge had run out. Neither the printer nor the computer had thought to tell me.

Alice in wonderland themed art doll
Alice in wonderland themed art doll
printed out playing cards
printed out playing cards
alice themed art doll
trying him out with a real playing card

So those dolls went on hold as I ordered and waited for delivery of new ink. But I do have the fabric cards printed out ready for the next stage now, which might happen this afternoon.

And my mind has wondered into crochet for some strange reason. I may design some tiny crochet collars (Peter Pan style) for my new range of teddies with faces.

Next week to help me, I will make a note of what I do each day. This will be good for me too. I so often feel I have been very busy, but then can’t think of what I have actually done with my time. Seems like this might be a good exercise for me too in realising and remembering what I get up to. That’s a nice added bonus.

Well thank you for reading and be assured I will get back to the ball jointed doll. And when I do I will use the tag BDJ for those blog posts that contain information about it so you can easily track them down.

‘till next week

Ally x

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