Jessica from Chronically Vintage wears one of my hats

Well have you ever seen anything as style as this lovely lady.
And guess what, that’s one of my hats on top of her lovely locks, yes it’s true.  Jessica’s blog post yesterday was about one of my little old hats, and my goodness she was complementary. I mean I knew she loved it as she told me when it arrive with her earlier in the year, but I had no idea that she would be so kind and it would look so good on her too.  In truth though she always looks divine, somehow managing to create outfits not just put on clothes. That dress, I just want to steal the pattern.
I don’t want to write anymore today now, I just want you to go over to her site and read her blog instead, even the comments that are up they are all lovely and so sweet.
Also while you are there you will see that there is a discount code in place for March to be used in my Etsy shop, so that’s all the more reason to go over, otherwise you won’t know what it is…
This is the link to her lovely blog


and I suggest if you don’t follow her already you start as she is so motivational, she is just great. I love reading her things, which is why I really wanted her to be wearing one of my hats and now she is. wow.

Well when my head shrinks back down hopefully by next week I’ll be back, until then
Hugs and Kisses

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