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What is a Doll?

As described in the Oxford English Dictionary, a doll is:

A small model of a human figure, typically one of a baby or girl, used as a child’s toy.

But, dolls can be so much more than a child’s plaything. For a start there are so many different types of dolls, and over the next few blog posts I shall endeavour to explain a bit about all these types. Obviously, this will just be my opinion, but I hope it will give you a feel for the diverse scope of dolls and their uses.

Children’s Play Dolls

These range from birth onwards and have been used since early man, there are documents dating pre 100BC showing dolls as children’s play things, often made from clay or wood. Possibly textile but these would not have survived.

  1. Soft toys
  2. Waldorf Dolls
  3. Monster High, Barbie and the like
  4. Action man
    waldorf doll

    Ritual Dolls

    As early as the documentation on dolls as children’s toys is the proof that dolls have been used for rituals and magic; offerings to the gods and goddess of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. I can not claim to know much about this sort of doll, but I know that a doll, crafted with all your heart and soul can become lifelike in character. In my mind it is no wonder that dolls have been used for all sort of magic and ceremonies since man first held ceremonies and believed in powers beyond.

    Collectors’ Dolls

    porcelain art doll

    And then there are the adults who still love their dolls and can have more of a budget to finance this love. Obviously, some of the high price dolls will never be played with, but even to sit a doll on your shelf and gaze at it’s beauty can calm the mind and soothe the soul. Adults’ dolls are often called Collectors’ Dolls and come in many shapes and sizes.

    1. Horror dolls
    2. Reborn dolls
    3. China dolls
    4. Boudoir dolls
    5. Blythe dolls
    6. Russian dolls

    And many I have probably forgotten.
    I shall go into detail of these different types  in later blogs. There will be be plenty to write about so stay tuned.
    Until next time,
    bye for now.
    Ally x