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Exciting News

I have some exciting events coming up this month I thought you might like to hear about.

Hello and welcome.

Purple Gallery

Today, I’d like to tell you about some rather exciting things that are happening to me this month. That is February 2023 if you happen to be reading this at some time in the future.

I am going to be part of an exhibition celebrating the 1st anniversary of the United Artists of South Birmingham. I haven’t been with them all that long so I am honoured to be part of this and very excited.

It will be held at the Purple Gallery in Bournville, Birmingham, UK from 11th February 2023 to 11th March 2023.

There is a launch party on the 11th in the afternoon, if you should happen to be in the area, you should definitely come and say hi. There will be some fabulous works of art on display.

I am really pleased to tell you I have 3 dolls on show, 2 of whom were part of the award-winning set that came to Doll Prague with me last November, so if you are close enough I would be thrilled if you would pop down and say hello to them and you can see them in the flesh so to speak. It is so much better than photos.

Number 8

And then also this month I am holding my first solo exhibition, oh my goodness, What??? Why?? That sounds scary. I know! It is rather, but I think I am ready. Fingers crossed anyway.

I, or rather my dolls, will be on show at Number 8, in Pershore. It’s a really rather lovely place where they have a cinema, and also hold all sorts of other events. And a lot of my dolls will be on display in there café and foyer areas. Just me for 5 whole weeks. This means there is plenty of time to get down and take a look.

I can’t wait to take lots of photos from these exhibitions to show all of you that can’t make the actual events, and yes I know that is most of you, so I promise lots of photos. Best place to see them will be on Instagram so make sure you follow me there too. Wish me luck and remember to look for the fairies where ever you go.

Take care.


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