the last of the pumpkin

Hello lovely internet people.

just a quickie today, as we have some rather sad things going on with an extremely ill relative.  I have not made the progress I would like on certain items, but when other things are more important then you re-prioritise.

But I did have a last half of pumpkin in the fridge and a recipe I had seen and intended to do soon. So today I take a quick detour from the encyclopedia of baking, to ‘the bread machine cookbook’, the other useful thing about this recipe being it is kneaded and baked in the machine. Apart from cooking up the pumpkin first I have done nothing and just left it to its own devices (well I should say I was supposed to chuck some pumpkin seeds in during the second knead, but as I was out of the house at the time, that didn’t happen, I’m not duly concerned.)

I did make one hell of a mess getting the flour into the pan though, sometimes more haste less speed is so true. And I should have moved my handbag as I managed to get flour in there too.

I seem to be in a mess all over at the moment as this shot of the sewing room will testify, and I may tell you why on Monday as I don’t have time now.

4 projects on the go and no table space, better than a 9 to 5 though, much better.  So back to food friday, the recipe if you haven’t already guessed was Pumpkin Bread, and smelled really good during baking.

On cutting Dr J. remarked ‘oh what a lovely colour’ and taste wise we all thought it was very good, although we couldn’t really detect pumpkin, but definitely it had some sort of squash in it.

So yes for ease and taste I’d do it again.

and that’s all for now
have a great weekend all
warmest hugs
ally x

One thought on “the last of the pumpkin

  1. Mmmm, pumpkin bread … this has to be very delicious! I should try … Love the photo of your sewing workshop … wonderful creativity!

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