Dedicated to Des x

Over the weekend, my sort of ex-father in law passed away, after being ill for awhile, although it still seemed very fast at the end. He was a lovely man and after the separation between myself and the children’s dad (his son) many, many years ago, he did his best to make sure I stayed and felt part of his family. He was always so kind to me, we danced when we could and he always wore the socks I had knitted him. I would like to dedicate this post to him and I have nothing else to offer except a half knitted pair of socks for this Christmas. The world will be sadder for his passing, and I loved him dearly.

Morning all

well I said I might explain the state of my sewing room today, well some people (my mother mainly) would say I was a messy person and this may well be very true, I do tend to live and work in clutter having several projects going on at once, so I can swap backwards and forwards at a whim, and I have a lot of those.  But even I am struggling with the sewing table at the moment and the reason is this little girl….

Some of you who have been reading for awhile will know that during the summer there was a terrible accident and we lost our little pup Gabby.  She was a wonderful little thing who kept me company in the sewing room and kept me fit on long walks, everyone she met loved her and she was so full of life and energy and she is still missed.  But life must go on and there can be days in this ‘job’ were I don’t move off a chair from morning to night.  When I was working 9 till 5, I parked in a carpark that was a 20 minute walk from where I worked, so at least then I was doing 40 minutes walking 5 out of 7 days. Well without Gabby, apart from the odd cycle to the shops, I was doing no exercise at all.  Not good!

the hair clip on the floor had just been nicked from my bedroom and the end you don’t see is all chewed up, hence the sad eyes.

So we decided to get another dog, and this time we went for a sprocker, a cross between a cocker spaniel and a springer spaniel, hoping that she might not be quite so exuberant and liking to run out into the road, and to be honest I am now a little paranoid about the backgate and making sure everyone uses the front door so I can keep her safe. Back to the mess; well during teething, dogs chew.  Dogs have milk teeth the same as humans, they usually just get swallowed and come out the other end without anyone one really noticing. They can also chew for other reasons too, but I’m hoping in our case it’s just teething and I keep providing other chewable items.  I have to say she is getting a little better and recognising what is hers and what is not but for now practically everything that normally lives on the floor of the sewing room has had to go higher, it’s like have a toddler again.

Usually I would be able to put items not being worked on down for a bit, now everything has to stay on the table, as it would only take a second with her sharp teeth to ruin a bit of material, not worth the risk when you see the state of my ironing table’s legs, This now lives on the rocking chair, which the cat’s not to pleased with that as that was where she usually slept.  But it is all only temporary and maybe I might learn to be a bit neater because of it, I am having to put things away just to be able to get a small square of table to work on.

The corset is still getting the odd look in though, here it is, front and back waiting to be put together and the boning channels added. It don’t look much yet, but believe me the material is fab. Hopefully I will have more to report on on Wednesday.

Well till next time.
a rather sad blogger x x

One thought on “Dedicated to Des x

  1. From the bottom of my heart, dear Alison, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Though I haven't had any contact with them for more than a decade, I sometimes think of both one of my ex-boyfriends' parents, too, as they (unlike said boyfriend) were decent people and they really felt like family to me for a while.

    How awesome that you got a new puppy – and what an absolute cutie you pie you've welcomed into your home!!! Our darling Annie (the first dog my husband I had ever had together, and the first for either of us as adults) is about ten months old and still such a puppy in countless ways.

    Annie has chewed like there's no tomorrow. She completely destroyed our couch, love seat, coffee table, TV stand, dining room chairs and table, a side table, some shoes, some belts, a coat, and has caused tons of damage to some of the walls, floorboards and cupboards on our main floor (the only floor she's allowed on), that amass to thousands of dollars of damage. The cost isn't nice, but having the joy of a dog in our lives is, and we're just holding off on replacing and fixing things until she's (hopefully) stopped chewing everything (we take measures to try and correct her of course). I can tell you though, if we ever get another dog, we will do things very differently from the get go. Everything with Annie has been such a massive learning experience.

    ♥ Jessica

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