The Handmade Boutique

Morning all you lovelies.

So what, I hear you ask, what were you doing all that time you didn’t blog, why did you abandon us so cruelly?

No may be not that last bit, but what was I doing?

Well I took a space in a shop! And that meant I needed to up my making game, so I spent a lot more time in the sewing room and thinking of new ideas for items I could sell in the shop as well as taking a turn in manning the shop, and as a consequence internet stuff took a back seat.

And what was this shop? A marvellous place call the Handmade Boutique where a group of lovely ladies all sold their wares.  The rents for boutique style shops in Solihull (just next to Birmingham, UK ie home) are high, but by pulling together we where able to manage, but sadly that changed this past weekend, with Sunday being the last day of the Handmade Boutique. The rent rises are just too much.

Didn’t it look lovely. It is very sad that it’s shutting, as I met a number of gorgeous ladies; the other designer/makers and had a considerable amount of fun in the shop.

One of my favourite things was talking to the customers and getting real feedback. There is something much nicer, I think, about going into a shop and being able to touch and pick up what you want to buy rather than just looking at pictures on-line.  This is especially true with textile items.

So I am rather sad to say good bye to this lovely shop, and so are the many customers I have spoken to too, in the last few weeks.

But onward and upward and on a more positive note for you on-line lovelies, all dolls will now appear in my Etsy shop (except custom orders obviously) so you’ll get more choice and more of my time devoted to you.

Also regular readers may note this blog is a little late, there is a reason for that, well two actually:

1. the router died last week, so we had to wait for a new one and
2. I have decided that the beginning of the week is better for me to write my blog posts, obviously if it isn’t better for you to read them, do hang fire and wait till the end of the week. I wont mind.

Well a couple more photos of my lovely dolls in the Handmade Boutique and then I’m off.
till next time

Hugs and Kisses


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