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Hello again lovelies,

Well any regular readers will spot that I have had a bit of a spring clean through the old space, and one of the main things you might notice is that the hats have vanished, along with vintage sewing!!!

The Mad Hatter

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a hat, but I have decided to concentrate on the dolls this year, so in tiding up I now have a new banner and dress making has been removed from my side panels, it may be back, who knows, but for now I’m all about the dolls. (Dolls in hats may well be quite popular still though, and dolls with turbans and even crowns)

The Red and White Queen, Alice Through the Looking Glass

Mina, cloth patchwork doll
Image result for amazing news

But before the full size hats and last year disappear altogether from the news feeds of this year, there is one piece of amazing news that I wanted to share with you all. I had a hat visit one of the Royal Garden Parties last summer. For all you over the pond, yes that is really the Queen of England’s Garden Party.  A custom order for a black and white hat to go with a black polka dot 50’s style dress for a very glamours lady I happen to be lucky to know.
How did I keep this amazing news to myself at the time I hear you ask? Well, life, really, last year was just a blur.

But the hat, I decided on pill box, black felt and white trimmings: what do you think? The customer was very pleased, I am happy to report.

Hugs and Kisses

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