My flower girls headband or making fabric flowers

Morning All you lovelies
I was just looking through some photos I’d got stored on draft blog posts when I came across these ones and thought I’d share them with you. My lovely little flower girl had neat fabric roses on the first headband I made for her, but I decided I didn’t like them, well that’s not true I liked them well enough, but I felt they where too ‘neat’ for the look I wanted.
So I decided to make ‘flame flowers’, I have blogged about these before so I wont go into any detail except to say I used the spare fabric from the flower girl’s dress so that everything matched. 
I decided leaves where in order too to add a little contrasting colour (well light blue and dark blue), so I cut some rectangles from spare pieces of dark blue satin, (from my cape and also my groom’s bow tie), drew leaf shapes on them and then sewed round the outlines, leaving the the bottoms open for turning.
Once turned I gathered the bottom, but that looked wrong, not at all the look I wanted.
So I tried sewing a few leaf veins on them instead and gave me exactly what I wanted.
The band was made up of a narrow rectangle of the light blue satin sewn, right side together, down the long end, measured by randomly holding a tape measure in a circle and saying yep that looks about right, when I got to a saucer-ish size circle. This I turned the right way round.
Then I took a similar length of fleece material, (I love to use this for padding as it’s so soft), and a length of millinery wire, and wrapped the wire in the fleece.
Carefully then I pulled the fleece through the tube of satin to make a padded inner,
I joined the millinery wire to make a circle using a little metal thing, specially made for the job, but I can’t remember what they’re called, just a small tube really that you push each end of the millinery wire into and it holds. Then I sewed up the fleece and satin to make a neat join and a circle band
When I sewed the petals together I used the same crystals I used on my bustle for the flower centers, so now it was just a matter of hand sewing the flowers to the band, covering up the join with the flowers and sewing grips to the underneath to hold the band to her hair.
Doesn’t she look pretty.

Well anyway I best be off as I need to get to the post office and get some things in ready for Christmas delivery, I have to say it’s getting very festive here in the honey pot, I even made mince pies over the weekend and really enjoyed eating them too. Hope you are all enjoying your run up to the festive season. Speak soon 

Hugs and Kisses


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