Moselele at the Vale Festival 1st June 2013

hello all
This is nothing to do with honey pot creations I’m afraid.  On a completely un-vintage point, I also am part of a marvellous ukulele group called Moselele and we play a variety of songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and a small selection from this century, so some might consider that vintage, but in my mind it’s just stuff I grew up with.
Anyhow, last Saturday we performed as part of the Vale Festival, Birmingham University’s Students run festival.  The sun shone, mostly; me and the other half cycled down; many beers were consumed afterwards, not at the festival but at a local pub with a much more age appropriate group and a very nice beer garden; and generally a lovely time was had by all.  The other half brought his camera and took some good shots and also did a little filming, which is where this blog comes in.  I uploaded a couple of small clips on Face Book and they took all night so I decided against it for the epic Space Oddity, so I thought I’d try it this way.  I am attaching a link to the relevant face book page pointing anyone who should wish to view the video to here.  I have had to split it into 3 bits as well as the max size is 100mb, but hey we’re getting there now.
I would also like to point out that the excellent other half had his arty head on and was making in the style he felt appropriate for the song, so it isn’t that he’s too drunk to hold the camera; he is trying to make it look like floating in space.  I must also thank him for coming and supporting and take the clips etc. Thank you honey x x
Back to the vintage theme next time
Ta tar for now,

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