Holiday Snapshots

Hello all my lovely readers,

well I am typing this blog post one handed due to a slightly extreme accident that happened on holiday, resulting in a hospital stay and a rather painful operation and a piece of large metal being inserted into my left wrist to hold all the little bones together.

It looks somewhat like a bottle opener, as one friend pointed out, and hubby thought of the witty retort that I’d wanted a cork screw but they got it wrong.

Sadly I never think of witty retorts in time. Do you?

But apart from that the holiday was wonderful, we went to Morocco and stayed in Agadir, a really interesting place, with lovely food and people and culture.

I took 2 of my little ladies with me and I thought I might show you some of the photos I took of them whilst there before disaster struck and I was left with only one working hand. Couldn’t really manage many photos after. lol.

By the way, do not fret if you always wanted a Bees Knees Art Doll and now think you have missed your chance, as although unable to sew at the moment, this is not a permanent situation and my wrist will be back to its old self eventually, as long as I keep up my physiotherapy. And, in the meantime, I will be opening my Etsy shop again very soon, with a selection of dolls that have recently been on exhibit in the Core Collection’s summer exhibition, in Solihull, UK. (once my pain killer mushy brain is more with it).

Next weekend is the Makers Medley’s next challenge reveal, so keep an eye out for that, fortunately I had finished sewing that doll before I went on holiday.

bye for now.

Hugs and Kisses

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