Holiday Mode – yay

Good morning lovely people

Can I firstly say that something strange happened during writing last week’s blog post and somehow I managed to publish way before I had finished. I un-published it but not before 6 people had seen it, presumably some of you lovely folks that have an automatic link. So as blogger probably wont then have told said lovely folks that the finished version was published, may I advise, if last week you got a very strange unfinished blog, then please go to the bottom of this blog post and there you will find it complete. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks. Ally

Secondly may I say “No Blog Next Week,  yay”. We are going to be sunning ourselves on a beach in Morocco. I am uber excited to say the least. Igor wont be coming, he has been too naughty.

There will be wifi, unlike the trips that Dr. J. and I take to the back of beyond in the camper van, so I will be keeping a vague eye on Instagram and Facebook if you follow me there, but the Etsy shop will be closed for the holiday on 29th June 2017. Hopefully back open on 13th July 2017, unless I’m being lazy, we’re not going on holiday that long, but the 12th is my birthday so I thought I’d take that off too.

By the way all made to order and custom items have already been deactivated, thank you for your patience if you want anything,

Tomorrow I set up for the Core Collectives exhibition in Solihull library, I’m very excited about this too, a very exciting week all round, please do pop in if you’re in the area.We are having a big charity open night in aid of DRC too on Thursday, which be great fun, and hopefully raise lots of money.

Not much else to report at the moment, I am starting the process of making the mini Bees child friendly so to speak, so they can have the CE mark.  I may be a bit quiet while I sort all that out ready for a launch in time for Christmas. I know, Christmas, but believe me it will take a while. Sneak peaks will be there on social media though so make sure you follow me. Oh and thank you for reading my blog I do appreciated it loads.

until after my holiday then
Hugs and Kisses

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