Food on Friday

morning all,

Now I have a little more time on my hands I have decided to cook more, well that’s not exactly true, as I don’t cook half the time anyway, Dr J. does enjoy a bit of time in the kitchen so we tend to share.  No what I have decided to do is make more use of all those cookbooks I have lying around the place, and get a more varied diet going for all of us.

I’m sure you all been there in that rut that means the same dinners week after week, one day sausage and mash, one day chicken and rice and not forgetting one day bacon and pasta, although this is my lad’s favourite all time meal and we will still have to have it once a week I should imagine, but you get the image and I have decided to break out and cook with more variety.

This has also been brought about by my fascination with Pinterest, a wonderful piece of internet jiggery pokery that allows people to post up photos on to boards and then other people can re-pin these images on to their own boards if they like them.  Well my daughter showed me this awhile back now and I’ve been hooked ever since, and can quite happily while away an hour or two, just strumming through photo after photo of any subject I want.  I have to say teenage kids are lifesavers when it comes to the world of technology, how do they just seem to know it all?

Well back to the subject; one of things I love browsing through is pictures of food, and most of them link to a recipe as well, so armed with this and a mountain of cookery books, (I just couldn’t resist when the book-man would arrive at work with a new array of tempting discount items, one often ended up coming home with me, sometimes even two if they really appealed.) So to make it seem like I didn’t just waste my money, and I really did need all those books, I am going to cook one item from a cookbook and one from Pinterest each week and post up a picture of the results on Pinterest, and obviously tell you all about it too, so that brings about Food Friday, I may not do the cooking on Friday, but I will try to put the blog up on that day, so anyone interested will now when the next is coming.

Today’s post is a two part post as I now have to go and get some ingredients and cook.  And as I have only just come up with this brainwave today I will only be doing one recipe this week as tonight’s dinner is already sorted, but I believe the family may well enjoy coming home to some of Nigella Lawson, Chocolate Macaroons from ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’  I love this book but have cooked very little out of it.  The things I have done, I have done over and over again though, her scones are great, as are the breakfast pancakes. So I opened up at a random page and this is what we got, sadly there is no picture I can put up to show you what they should look like, but at least you have nothing to compare mine with then.

Well I will be back later…
ally x

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