Experiment with a doll face

Good morning all you lovely internet bods,

Firstly let me apologise for misleading anyone. When I posted this little snippet on Instagram yesterday, I was just showing that is was an old head and that is why it had a neck hole instead of a mouth, it never occurred to me that people might think I was making a two headed doll. My bad.

EDITED UPDATE: If you click on the videos and watch to the end you may get VID76311028041825879 as your next suggestion. This is a video that myself, then hubby to be, Dr. J. and friends made to show at our wedding, we got married in a the oldest cinema in Birmingham with a very vintage vibe, watch it you might find it funny.

Back to the blog ….

But in that case, what on earth was I up to??

Well good question. I decided to try out water on my dolls’ faces. I always tell customers not to get their dolls’ faces wet, so I thought I’d see what exactly what would happen. And I used the back side of an old head that I wasn’t happy with, makes perfect sense now don’t it, haha

Anyway, when creating a doll’s face I use a mixture of watercolour, pastel pencils and pigma pens.

  I then sealed it with Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative

So with my test doll, I only sprayed half her face.

 I actually didn’t wait long enough for the pigma pens to become waterproof and sprayed too close with it in this case, as I wasn’t really concentrating as I would with a real doll, and you can see how that right pupil has expanded somewhat with the wet spray.

I waited overnight to really make sure the fixative was good and dry and then popped into the bathroom and stated to spray water on her.

 I have to say I wasn’t sure what would actually happen at this point, would all of it just run off into a muddy puddle? would she be unrecognisable?

Well I was pleasantly surprised, the pigma pens are what they claim and waterproof. And the fixative does really seem to fix well.  The outcome, the side without fixative became very pale as the watercolours and pastels washed away, but the other side stayed bright and vibrant.

So next I dropped her in the sink, oops,

Well after all this abuse, she is still looking reasonable. The pastel faded most, watercolour looks ok just a paler blue and pens held up really well. Good news if you do happen to drop your dolls in the bath.

Till next time when I shall be telling you all more about the doll I made for the Maker Medley, May Challenge, the great unveil is tomorrow so don’t forget to check out all the talented artists involved on their Instagram pages tomorrow. The theme is spring/forest I’m really excited to show my little doll, and can’t wait to see everyone else’s.

Hugs and Kisses


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