Creepy or Cute or Can I do both????

Hello Collective Consciousness

Today I am asking you all a big question.

pumpkins and a mummy art doll
Elephant Teddy

Can I do both?

Firstly, I think I should give you a little background to the question really to help you understand where this is coming from and so you know why I am in such a dilemma about this.

When I first started making dolls I made the Bees Knees Art Dolls range, these where all the same body size, with button joints and cotton canvas heads and bodies. They had and still do have hand drawn and painted faces and usually curly wool hair. Some people considered these adorable and some people considered them a little creepy, but I hadn’t intentionally made them that way. But as more people pointed out that my style was a little Burtonesque (yes that is actually a thing now, and rightly so I say) I did start to flow with it.

Alice in Wonderland cloth art doll

When as I took part in the wonderful Online Macabre Markets, I made my range of cone dolls, deliberately adding to the horror doll feel and loving everyone of them. Breaking my left wrist (not this year’s break but the year before) meant that I dropped out of the markets and with changing ideas I then found myself drawn towards Waldorf Art Dolls, these were quite the opposite of my usual style, but I love them and needed to learn how to make them. Hence my trip to the Netherlands to take part in the European Waldorf Doll Seminar last May (which was such a fantastic experience).

Now I find myself with two loves;

So, what about my branding and name? Honey Pot Dolls

Can it encapsulate both? Is it to sugary sweet for my macabre side? Should I stick to just one way? If I feel the need to make both do I need to have two brands? Two websites, two Instagram, two Facebook pages, 2 Etsy shops? arrrr I can’t hardly cope with the social media for just one brand.

So when I started this blog post with my request to ask you one big question, you can see that in truth that question can be broken down into many little questions which have been running around in my mind for quite a while .

I would love to hear what you have to say, please do be honest with me.

If you like cute, does the macabre really put you off and stop you following me?

And equally, if you like creepy, do you get fed up with cute pictures of sweet little dolls you would not want anywhere in your home?

Or is there anyone out there like me who actually likes both and wouldn’t even mind a bit of Blythe thrown in just cause they can be adorable to??

I have been in a pickle over this for a while now and would really love some honest feedback, so throw it at me, and I’ll let you know my findings in a not too future blog.

Obviously as Halloween draws closer I can get away with posting more photos of that ilk than normal, but I really want to find a way to have both running in harmony, help.

I also want to say a really big thank you to all of you who have and continue to support me through my doll making journey.

thank you


3 thoughts on “Creepy or Cute or Can I do both????

  1. Hello honey pot,
    I think you can do both. Don’t worry about it!
    For years I worried that people in my professional circles shouldn’t find out that I make dolls. But after 12 years and “growing up,” nobody thinks I am silly for it, and it’s a great segway that makes me unique. And so is your style.

    Think about steampunk, for example. That is modern victorian, a total contradiction yet a wonderful invention. Do what you love. And your fans will love you for it.

  2. Hi! Okay…interesting question. I think your dolls are great either way…and I can see why you want to continue making both, as both cater to completely different markets and both are unique. Either you find a way to incorporate both…making all of the dolls a certain way with a creepy twist. Or…make both. If you make both, the name doesn’t really represent the darker dolls. Options. You could change the company name altogether…a new name overall for your dolls (something with your name maybe), keep the “Honey Pot” dolls with that name and re name the others….This way the company name is always the same and the type of dolls in your collection can have different categories.
    OR… keep the “Honey Pot dolls” name and add something to it for the darker dolls…”Honey Pot with a twist of lemon” or “Dark Honey” or something LOL…I make dolls too, and some are darker than others so I try to keep them consistent, this has been a work in progress. I really want people to recognize that my dolls are by the same artist. So I hear your dilemma! Hope this has helped in a small way 🙂

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