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A new plaything and bring out the bunting

I find myself more and more pulled to a shabby vintage look, so I couldn’t help myself when I saw Anna Pavelieva’s IGTV post of her making some bunting. I just had to make my own. This is the perfect look for me at the moment, just the look I want to start trying to convey in my photoshoots. Recently one of my dolls was described as looking like they had just stepped out of a vintage storybook, and that really struck a chord with me. ‘Yes’, I thought, ‘that’s it, that’s what I am trying for’.

Collection of art dolls

… Recently one of my dolls was described as looking like they had just stepped out of a vintage storybook …

Obviously, this may change in the future, my style has evolved a few times already. But for now, and at least the foreseeable future, this is where my heart is and the voices in my head have been whispering about it for a quite a time. It just took me a while to hear them fully.

Instagram is a really wonderful source of inspiration, I can spend hours scrolling though those wonderful images, I used to use Pinterest, but now I am definitely an Instagram girl. Click here to get to Anna’s feed, she makes wonderful teddies.

shabby vintage bunting
shabby vintage bunting

Certificates and my new plaything

As well as changing my aesthetic slightly, I have upgraded my certificates too. I send out a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ with every art doll I make. Each has a unique number and a certificate. These have changed twice so far. The last time being when I changed my name from Honey Pot Dolls, to Alison Jackson Art Dolls. When they became a little more elegant looking.

I have always had a problem with getting them to fit in a doll’s box though. My dolls are longer and thinner than most boxes, so I only have a width of about 10cm to play with. This is not big enough to fit all the text in I wanted. To get round that I rolled up the certificates like a scroll and tied them with ribbon. This was very nice, but I always wanted a wax seal. You know just ‘cause who doesn’t want a wax seal to play with? Well wonderful hubby, Dr J. only went and bought me one for Christmas. (Along with a number of other things including the most gorgeous Alice pencils ever. I’m not sure if I will ever bring myself to use them (the pencils), but they will be fabulous in photoshoots, and I love just looking at them.)

Anyhow, having a wax seal meant that the certificates should go in an envelope, in my mind anyway. I looked about for a suitable size and A7 fit, just about. So, I had a little re-vamp and now each certificate includes a picture of the doll on the front of the card, which I think is a really nice touch.

AJ wax seal
wax seal for certificates
lovely Alice pencils
lovely Alice pencils
New certificate of authenticity
New certificate of authenticity

Next Show at the Artistic Souls Gallery

At the moment I am working on my collection for my next appearance in the Artistic Souls Gallery. This will be running on the 7th and 8th February 2021. A new Alice doll and sad little clown fill my head. You can check out my social media for work-in-progress pictures to see them coming to life. As well as seeing how well I do with my attempt to make my photos look old, vintage and storybook.

Mr M. Moon
Mr M. Moon hanging art doll

Ally xx

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