100 blogs wow

Well good morning folks,

Today is quite an auspicious day. Today is my 100th blog post, how did that happen? what on earth have I found to write about?

As a child I tried writing with some of my friends, you know penpals and the like, I just sat there pen in hand and empty in mind.  Friends sent me lovely long letters with interesting stories and sometimes little drawings to make me giggle, but when it came to writing back, I could write short answers to the questions posed but never think of anything new or exciting to tell them. And now here I sit, with what feels like no-one really listening (I know you are out there but as I write, I don’t write to a certain someone), and just pour out my thoughts, and I can keep going for ages. I often realise that the post has gotten way too long and have to cut back. Is this strange? Does it say something about my psyche?  I can’t think what to say to someone, but can witter for hours to myself.

Even writing a thank you card for a present or a postcard, both of which can only contain a few sentences at most, filled me with terror, and my mind would go quite blank. Well whatever it means it doesn’t really matter as I am enjoying myself immensely now with this blog.  Sometimes when I run into an old friend and realise that they know all about me now, including even what my underwear looks like, it comes as a bit of a shock, yes they have been following me and yes they really enjoy it. That kinda stops me in my tracks and can bring on a slight mind blankness, but I push it away and continue.

So how have I filled 100 posts?  Well I have had a year to do it, I just checked back and my first blog went out on 29th May 2013, I sit here quite stunned. That may well have been the fastest year of my life.  Amazing. I took redundancy, started a business, got engaged, started planning a wedding, almost finished renovating a derelict house, (played with mini-digger this weekend, we’re on to the garden), danced lots, sang lots and performed a few times with Moselele, the second best ukulele band in Moseley. And generally enjoyed every minute of it. I can honestly say that not doing a 9 to 5 and having chance to be creative 24/7 (and it is 24/7, I work much longer hours now, but none of them feel like work) was one of the best things that has happened to me, and none of it would have been possible without the wonderful Dr J. who in every sense is my hero. I don’t think there can be a more supportive chap anywhere out there.  So here’s a really big thank you to Dr J. I love you so much, and also to you out there for reading and appreciating the workings of my mind, when writing I shall continue to think there is no one out there, even though I know my stats say a completely different story.

Thank you 

I look forward to another 100 blog posts and wonder if they will take almost a year too.

Hugs and Kisses

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