1 year on and the shortest blog post ever

Morning All

I really do intend to keep this short, but for me what’s short? and why?

So bullet points may help.

1. just finished writing my first guest blog for Lauren on Wearing History, (I’ll send it over later when Dr J. has proof read it, I’m taking this one seriously).

2. got a stall at Moseley on the Move tomorrow, in Birmingham centre (do hope it stops raining). I need to finish getting everything ready for that not spend all my time today on the computer.

3. daughter passed her driving test this morning so very please about that and happy for her, but now a bit of sorting out insurance and getting her use to the car.

and 4. last but by no means least I’m hungry and want to go get my lunch, so I’ll be in touch more on Monday when there should be another historical sew fortnightly challenge done, best get on with that too.

But I did just have to put up a post today, because it does mark this blog’s 1st birthday, something I am quite proud of.

Hugs and Kisses

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