Latest Update From the Honey Pot – dolls, dolls and more dolls

Hello all you little cherubs, good morning from the Honey Pot,

I know I haven’t written a blog post in quite sometime, things have been crazy busy here, but I thought I best get one out to keep you up-to-date with all the goings on, so here it is…..

a slighty fussy cloth doll
Ava – The Fussy One
pretty rag doll pulling silly face
Ellie – The “Silly” One

Well the launch of the mini-Bee “Not your average rag doll happened” on 1st October and was hugely successful. My original plan was to release 2 dolls each week, Thursday and Sunday and this would have taken us up to Christmas with the last released on Christmas Eve. I thought that was quite sweet an idea, but in truth it would have been too late for anybody wanting to buy little Zoe, so when I changed my mind just yesterday and decided to go for 1 doll a week instead, Zoe wasn’t too put out out as she will now be released way off in March and she says that

a shy little cloth doll
Daisy – The Shy One

she will like that as it will be warmer.  No seriously I haven’t made Zoe yet and that was the problem, being a micro business, I have only me to do all my marketing and internet stuff and make the dolls too, so as well as making dolls to sell making 2 new dolls each week was just too much, I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but 1 new doll, well that’s ok so now by Christmas we will have 16 dolls, quite enough to choose from anyway I think.

Adorable waldorf inspired doll playing with a small cloth doll
Tulip playing in the garden with her mini-Bee

And I will have time to make more Waldorf dolls too, something I am developing

a gorgeous Waldorf inspired cloth doll
Tulip showing off her belly button

a real passion for. (I almost put quite in there, but I realised  I have used that word way too much already today, so I shall try to cut back on it hehe)


So that’s where we stand now, I shall open the Christmas custom order list for  Waldorf inspired  dolls very shortly and will notify the mailing list first and then once full the order list will close again so get on the mailing list if you want to be in with a chance. There will be one or two other Waldorf inspired dolls that will be ready before Christmas too, those will be available to buy directly and will pop up on here, Instagram and Facebook when they are ready, so if you do miss out on the list you may still be in with a chance.

So until next time, take care little cherubs

lots of love


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