Dolls for the Doll Prague Competition 2022


Porcelain Doll with cloth body, and porcelain hand sculpted head, face, hands and feet. She is 26cm tall and jointed. Her dress is silk with hand embroidery. She has a small pull along circus automaton as her toy.

porcelain art doll

porcelain art doll with beautiful dress
pull along circus automaton
close up of embroidery on art dolls dress


Wooden tabletop puppet, with a porcelain hand sculpted face. She is hand carved and fully jointed and dressed as a ballerina

wooden puppet with porcelain face

wooden puppet ballerina
close up of wooden puppet legs
close up of art puppet porcelain face


Made with traditional teddy bear joints and German Mohair, this teddy has a face hand sculpted using porcelain, that was fired and then painted with water colours. His ears are wired so they can hold their pose.

traditional teddy with porcelain face

unusual teddy with porcelain face
teddy with porcelain face
Julian looking sad, art teddy