Dolls for Doll Prague Competition


Dolores is a 20’s mixed media doll. She has a cloth body and air dry clay head, lower arms and hands and lower legs and feet. She is hand sculpted and the cloth parts are my own pattern draft.

Her dress is based on the Robes de Style dresses of Jeanne Lanvin of the mid 20’s, and mainly hand-stitched from a Liberty print cotton.

Dolores’ eyes are made from glass beads, paper irises and UV gel.

Her hair is a wig made out of locks of Wensleydales lamb wool. And carefully fashioned into a style of the time.


height: 26 cm Width: about 7 cm

1920's style mixed media art doll
1920’s style mixed media art doll


She is made from a strong wire armature covered with hand sculpted air dry clay and then painted. Her arms and legs are joined with silk ribbon, and her head attached with elastic.

Princess has a dress made from red taffeta and decorated in black ribbon and lace.

Her hair is mohair.


height: 34 cm width: about 10 cm but her skirt spreads further.

In her beautiful dress she was definitely up one day, and then dying; down the next.

clay ribbon jointed art doll
Princess – air-dry clay art doll