Doll Prague Competition Entries 2023

Icarus – thematic entry

Icarus and his wings

A mixed media doll carved from wood with a hand sculpted porcelain had. He flew too close to social media and singed his wings and lost his hope.

His face once sculpted and fired, has been painted with watercolours

A wooden, hand carved doll with a hand sculpted porcelain head. Icarus has moveable wooden wings printed with nasty emojis from social media. He is 30 cm tall and fully jointed.

wooden and porcelain art doll


Effie is a cloth doll made with 100% cotton and stuffed with polyfill. She is fully jointed with non-removable clothes. She is 36cm tall, has brown acrylic wool for hair that has been set in a curl. Her features are hand painted using watercolour paints.

cloth art doll


Florrie is a fully jointed teddy bear, but with a porcelain hand sculpted face in the shape of a dog, after firing this was painted with watercolour paints. Her ears are wired so they can be posed. She is made from German Mohair and weighted to aid sitting. Her dress is non-removable. She is 29cm tall and her ears are a further 10cm.

teddy doll dog